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I am going to be travelling overseas with my son (he will be 13 months old) and I was wondering how I can amuse him for the trip.

Also is it advisable to give him baby panadol before the flight.
Hi there
We have a 2 year old daughter, and we have done a number of flights with her since she was born. At 4 months, 5 months and 8 months old, she flew long haul from UK-Aus-UK-Aus, and recently did some domestic flights from Sydney.
The only time we have given her Panadol or any other medication during our flights is when she has been teething as the take off/landing hurts her ears.
I tend to take a couple of drinks, cookies, sandwiches, and a couple of Jelly Lollipops for her to suck on during the take off and landing, and that helps.
With regards to amusing your little boy, some story/picture books, colouring books and a favourite teddy is often useful, as well as his security blanket (if he has one.....our daughter's is her sheepskin, so that goes everywhere with us.) Try not to take a musical or noisy toy if you are on a longhaul flight, as that can get abit much in the confined space of the aircraft for that long.
I hope this helps.


I have travelled quite alot with small children and babies I would agree with Dee that you need to have something for your child to suck on during take off and landing Don't get carried away and take too much stuff to play with as often you don't use them and it can be a hassle in a small space to get things Take a small backpack your child may like to carry and get him/her to choose what they would like to take. Make sure though you have plenty of water for your child and yourself to drink and some healthy snacks
3 weeks ago, my then 8.5 month old son and I travelled back from the UK. He had just discovered standing and cruising a couple of days before we left, so we found it very hard to keep him amused as all he wanted to do was stand up and not much space to do it in!!

The flight to the UK was an absolute disaster as he didn't sleep for the whole flight. We ended up giving him some Phenergen to try and get him to sleep, so speak to your nurse about whether it's ok for your son to have some - just in case you need it.

On the way home, he was an absolute angel and slept nearly the whole flight - so we didn't need to give him anything except his dummy.

If you give him a dummy to suck or a bottle to drink during take-off and landing you shouldn't have to many problems with his ears hurting from the air pressure.

Make sure you have plenty of his favourite toys, extra food and juice in case of delays, a few dummies (if you use them) and some panadol in case you need it.

Also, if you can get your in-laws to mind your son the night before you leave it will mean that you get a good rest before the flight, and you will be better able to cope with a difficult flight.

Amy, NSW, 1yr old son

Hi Debra, It's good to know that having a baby isn't stopping you from travelling. We went to the States with my one and a half year old niece, and asked for the seats near the exit doors, half way up the plane. There is a larger floor space here than in the regular seats, and if you want you can put your son on the floor to play. This way he won't be in the way of any trollies and he wont get under foot.

mylan, Qld, Gold Coast

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