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Is he to big Lock Rss

Declan is 17weeks and i had him weighed today and is 9kg and 69cms long does anyone else have big babies out there. The clinic nurse seemed a bit worred but he is very happy and healthy so i'm not. I would love to here from anyone with similar children.


He is a little off the charts but I wouldn't think that is any-thing to worry about. His lengh matches his weight when you look at the blue book charts. I was always told if they match, not to worry. DD was average till 6 months then jumped right up, nearly off the charts. If your DS is big now, it doesn't mean he is going to be a big person or obese or any-thing. Once he starts crawling and walking, he will come back down so don't worrie. Obviously you are doing a great job and he is very healthy. There are lots of mums with chubby bubbies out there so you will have lots of support !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi katrina

my dd is 7mths and she is 9.85kg and 77cm long, which from what i have read is a bit on the large size for her age. but she doesn't look fat at all and she is very healthy...

my friend has two boys and they weighed it at 10p ound 6 and 11 pound eleven ounces.... now they were big boys and from memory the 2nd boy was wearing size 1 clothes by the time he was 3 months old....

i think it all depends on the size of the parents, my partner and i are both 6 ft so we are not expecting emmah to be very small smile


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

I wouldn't worry too much. At Jeb's weigh in at 4 months he was 9.14kg and 70.5cm long! ever since then he has been off the charts in both weight, length and head size! He's now 8 months and 12.4kg and 79cm tall!! BIG BOY!!! Both my hubby and I are over 6 foot too so we knew we were going to have big kids but not THIS big!! But I wouldn't have it any other way! No one has ever said to me that Jeb is too big but he's happy and healthy and very active so that's all that matters......I just worry how I'm going to afford to feed him when he's a teenager!!! LOL!!!
i wouldnt worry about it,my little boy when he was born he weighed 9.4 his head was 37cm..yeh he was a big boy lol
I have had my CMHN make me leave in tears because she thought my son was gaining weight too quicky!

He was born 7 weeks prem at 4lb 14oz and is now a very healthy 9.45kg at 8 months.

I would not worry about his size!
If he is happy and healthy, then i'm sure everything is fine!

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

Not to worry at all.
i was very proud of my 8pound 5 ounce baby girl at birth(im only 50 kg)
she looked nice and chunky and i was so proud...
Then i got to mothers group and its only me and one other lady and her little boy who is 5 days older than lillie looked like a toddler when he was 3 months old,now thats huge.
but nothing to worry bout darl

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Hi everyone my daughter went to doctor's today for a check and to get her needles for chicken pots and weights 9.590kg and her H/C is 45 and length is 74cm and the doctor was very happy with her and so was us.

If you arent worried about his weight than there is nothing to stress about, sometime I think the nurse made things worse than anything when it cames to babys.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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