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Baby's Shape of Head Lock Rss

I have an 11 week old girl. When she was born the shape of her head was perfect, however, given the amount of time she spends asleep on her back she has now developed a flat head to one side and now very regularly favours that side of her head. I have tried everthing in order for her to "switch" between sides.

I have been told that there is some kind of neck support which is in the shape of a triangle which you place near the baby's neck in order to ensure that she sleeps straight and reduces the pressure on her flat side.

Has anyone seen this neck support or know where I can buy it from?

Mary Annalee & Daniella Jane are so cute!

I've seen neak supports, but not for flat heads - more for travelling in the car, pram or on a rocker. I have heard of helmets being used after consulting a doctor. You've probably tried this, but I put a mirror toy in DD's cot. I would switch sides every couple of days. She loved looking at it and always fell asleep looking at it. Best of luck, it can be quite stressful for poor old mums.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

not sure about the neck support,mabey try target????
i've heard that say your babe has flat head at 11 weeks,that it will take another 11 weeks to round itself out again,but don't worry this is very normal,almost every bub gets it.i actually wrapped lillie when she was that small but now she is 5 months i put her to sleep on her back and every time she will roll on her side,each to there own i guess
best of luck

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I had to take my bub to a paediatrician regarding something else and I asked her about my bubs head as she favoured the right side and had flattening also.

She advised to do the normal things - rolled hand towel against that side, make the side where they favour boring eg toys wide etc

but she also said that until a baby has full head control it is something you can improve but not fix. Babies heads are not symmetrical and gravity pulls head to one side. It is fairly normal and doesnt affect growth or development.

Once bubs has good head control you will see a great change and once they can sit by themselves it will dissapear.

My bubs is nearly 5 months old and doesnt overly favour either side now.
this is really common and the best advice i can give is to help your bub favour the other side of his head. which can be triky.

when you put your bub down to sleep try put her in at the other end of the cot so that if she likes facing one way he still can yet it will be using the other side of her head... hope that makes sence?> and move the mobiles so that when he looks at them she has to lay on the other side of his head ...does that make sence ?

seeing your bub is only 11 weeks...wen she is sleeping move her head so its on the other side.
g'luk n don't worry. its really common n my bub did the same thing. i did what i just wrote for him..and it worked well.
let me no how it goes.

Danni, WA,

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