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Hi there, I have a 10 week old baby boy and even though he is way too young at the moment, I've always thought that I would eventually buy him a walker to get around the house in when he is ready. I've recently read that professionals are dead against this because of it hindering babies growth and developement, which has suprised me. I was wondering what the general feeling and opinions on baby walkers was amongst all the other mothers out there.

3year old wonderful little helper

There are always varying personal and professional opinions about what you should/shouldn't have for your bubs. I never had a walker that you sat bubs in for Bradyn. At 6 months he was happily commando crawling around anyways. Bought a stand up one for him, he never used it until he could walk, mostly he loves to play with the buttons and things on the front. Blink and honestly you miss the time frame that these things are good for.
I have heard a walker might be good for the bubs that is very active and just wants to be on the move. But you'd know your baby best.
I had a jolly jumper for bubs, again there is contention about how good they are for a baby too. Then I limited the time he would be in it for and didn't use it everyday. He really enjoyed being on his feet and jumping.
Anyways that is my story.
Good luck in your decision.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

we were given one from a friend so i guess i will give it a go.Lillie is only 5 months and i sit her in it 4 times a day with a pillow under her feet and use it as a chair while i feed her.
i guess i'll give it a go when she's older. but i dont think that i would ever leave a bub on their own in one

Lillie....1 year old!!!

yep i personally am against baby walkers. after doing research and reports on them a few years back for my degree in child development i found out that they do hinder children's development and can cause injury to the babies spine.
my bub is 8 and a half months n ive never used one.

Danni, WA,

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