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Is my Baby Slow?????? Lock Rss

My daughter Gracie-Jean is 5mths on monday but isn't crawling, her friend is 4 days younger and is crawling. she has heaps of tummy time but doesn't seem to get it. She loves to hold on to one finger and stand up though? is she developing slow? is there something i can do to help her along? Please help i want her to have the best start possible.

Gracie-Jean (3/11/05) Jayden(1/7/08)

Hi my little one was 5 months last week and still isn't crawling but also likes to stand and walk with you holding her hands every baby developes at different stages i wouldn't worry to much she will crawl in her own time i'm not stressing about it.
Hi !

My older son started crawling when he was 11 months old and my younger one when he was around 8 months ! So I wouldn't worry about it !
She will do it when she is ready and she is not developing slow !
Most of the babies start crawling after six months and some don't even crawl ...
Ok keep in touch !
Nooooo Gracie-Jean is not slow at all. Her friend is an early crawler. I presume if she likes standing she can hold her head up well? That's pretty much what she should be doing. Just keep giving her tummy time and carry on as normal. Make the most of it, when they start to get around things get scary!! My DS crawled at 6 months, but even 8-10 months would be fine.
To give you some milestones: It is what is called 'normal' for them to hold head up at 4 months ('critically delayed' 8 months or more), sit unsupported: normal-8 months, critically delayed-10 months or more. Walk: normal-13 months, critically delayed- 24 months or more.
As you can see, there are very broad margins there. Please don't worry, I'm sure she has had a great start and sounds absolutely fine for her age. If you want something to worry about though, I have heard of some babies not crawling, just walking!!!lol but that won't happen for a while so relax and be happy that you can put her down in 1 place and pretty much find her still there later.
Take Care

Jen and 13mth Harvey

hi there, I have the same things with my daughter.she is 5 months old last Monday but still isn't crawling. I would not worry about that, and my friends said that she lil bit advance in different things. And she also loves to hold on to my hand and stand up. She wants to sit up most of the time and she just trying to roll over now. My GP said that baby develop differently. I guess when the time is right for her,she will do it herself.


nooo way is gracie-jean delayed in development. ive done a degree in child development n i can tell you right now she isn't at all ! so don't worry. you have nothing to worry about.

giving tummy time is a great expereince and also putting toys just out of her reach is another experience to help develop those skills needed to crawl.

g'dluk and don't worry.

Danni, WA,


My daughter didn't sit, crawl or stand up until she was 8 months old. She is now 12 months and is taking up to 12 steps by herself!

You have nothing to worry about.

5months is very young for a baby to crawl anyway.
Hi Gracie-Jeans mum,
I wouldn't worry at all.. 5 months is a little early to be crawling. My son is 7 months and isn't doing a whole lot. He has rolled over a couple times and he can sit but thats pretty much it.. Enjoy it while they are non mobile.. smile

Mum to 4 great kids...

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