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Thanks heaps for your advice, u definately seem to know what ur talking about. Any advice you would give first time mum about sleeping through, general development milestones ect? Greatly appreciate any advice offered!

Gracie-Jean (3/11/05) Jayden(1/7/08)

sleeping through! well I wouldnt worry about that until 3months! But Joel has been sleeping through from the time he was born! Just try things like the controlled crying technique where you lie the baby down and tell them that it is time for sleep! walk away and give it 2mins.......then go back in if they're screaming their heads off! (If they arent crying hard I would not go in there!) and then do it for 4mins...then add another 2 mins. Never leave a child screaming for more then 10minutes alone but I would not attempt this technique for more then half an hour! Try this technique during the day as it will be much less stressful then in the evening! Try and aim to lie bub down for a full nights rest at 7pm! and then if it works they wont wake up until 7am...arrrrrrrr bliss!!

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