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Born Oct 05? Doing What? Lock Rss

My daughter was born 09/10. She is happily eating solids, rolling back and forth, and up on all fours (still with head down)..
I am just wondering where other bubs are at around her age?

She sounds like she is doing great!

Jayden was born the 3rd of Oct and he is:-

- only really JUST starting to show an interest in solids the last few days
- rolling but rarely goes tummy to back cause he loves being on his tummy to sleep and play
- not up on all fours yet
-not putting weight on his legs when you hold him up and try and stand him on your lap
- JUST starting to sit unsupported this week. Can sit for about 20-30secs before toppling
- he squeals and giggles in excitement but not making any sounds yet (eg dada or muma)

Hope that gives you some comparison


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


Sounds like all our bubs are progressing normally : )
Jack was born 16/10 and is so much fun.

He's rolling back and forth, and has been rocking on all fours too. He is bunny hopping around the house. He covers a lot of distance, so I guess he's not too far off crawling properly.

He's only just started to say 'bubub' the past few days, but no other sounds as yet (if you don't count the screeching noises he makes with his older brother!)

Jack is on three meals a day (sometimes two) and he had his first meal with meat in it yesterday - spinach, sweet potato and lamb. He hasn't rejected any of my homemade efforts yet, so all is good in the food department!

He's always been a good night sleeper - goes from 6pm - 6am most nights.

Jack seems like a happy baby which = a happy mummy : )

Jennifer, DS 21/06/03, DS 16/10/05

Hi all,

My darling boy was born 23rd October.

He is coming along well I think wink

He Loves to roll back to front - front to back will roll up to 4 times in a row ( gets stuck againts his cot bars at times)
He is blowing raspberrys
He pokes his tongue out all the time
He babbles, mostly Dad Dad and Nan Nan
He loves to hold rattles or books and try to eat them
He is trying to crawl , almost up on all fours and slowly moving forward.
He loves his 3 solid meals a day (only the basics out of the jar at the moment)
Night sleeping is getting better only waking once ( at the moment )
Recognises food and his bottle (reaches out and gets his mouth ready)

No teeth yet or any signs of crawling or pulling himself up and no sitting unaided either...But its so much FUN watching his daily progress.

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