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how much does/did your baby weigh at 12 weeks (3 month check)???? Lock Rss

Just had my son weighed today and is 6.7kgs and 59cms... which puts him in the 95th percentile for weights but the 25th for length

He is stock i guess and just wanted to see how big he was compared to others

We didn't have a 12 week check, but at her 4 month visit, my daughter was 5.6kg and 59cm, head circ was 42cm. She's in the 25th percentile for height and weight and the 75th for her head, so she's a petite little boofhead basically.
My DD at her 3 month check was 5.7kg and 60cm long.
HI, i'm new to this site and was surprised at how many other mums (not you) think their baby is overweight. I think your baby is great! My Jack was 6.35kgs and 61cms at 9 wks which put him at 90th percentile. My partner thinks we will end up on oprah with the obese baby!(he's just joking but!)He is still feeding every 3 hrs and we get 2x 5 hr sleeps (well average most nights). I'm now trying to push him to 4 hour feeds and its tiring keeping him amused (well walking around the house). The midwife at the clinic told me he was feeding too much, I think each baby is different and if they are hungry, well feed them. How can you put a baby on a diet already, its just crazy! My boy was born on the 12th so we'll see how much he has put on next week, he has a beautiful double chin and chunky thighes but who cares, hey!
My DS was weighed last week (12 weeks, 3 days) and he's 6.83kgs and 63cms. I love his dimpled thighs!
My DS was weighed last week as he was 4 months old and weighs 7.4kg and 63cm long so his weight is in the 75th and height in 50th, he hasnt gained alot since 3 months when i think he was about 6.5kg but as long as his happy and healthy then why worry? every one is differnt and i get told my baby will be overweight soon but if his hungry then his damn well hungry! and he gets fed.

My DS was weighed today for 4 mth check and he weighs 7.86kg and is 62cm. He has the cutest little rolls and dimply thighs like his mother! lol!
My DD was weighed yesterday for her 3 month checkup. 5.2kg and 57cm length. My only concern is her head cicumference only 37.5cm. I'm sure i know but when you work out the percentile is it above or below the line with the "25th" (for eg)? Her weight lies between the 25th and 10th lines, wot does that make her?
Not sure what bub weighs now, but at 10 weeks, she weighed 6.3kg, and has put on quite a bit in the last few weeks. she is 68cm long though, so im guessing that is above average height for a girl baby, lol

my "lil" one was 7.6kg and 64cm so thars 97th percentile

the girl chart is different to the boy chart, girls on average being smaller than boys, but at 4 months my son was 7.25kg's, and my daughter was 8.205kg's and 64.5cm's. So my 2 put that theory to shame! LOL

I had my son weighed at 11 weeks last week and he weighed 7.14kg and is about 63cm. He had put on a kilo in 3 weeks!!! I feel like I have a 6 month old but I guess when you are born 4515g you have a pretty good start in life. Our little boy is Hayden also....maybe the size comes with the name smile

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