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Going mad with the whinging..... Lock Rss

Hi all - just wanted to let out my frustrations at my little one (9mth old Harry) and the constant 'whingefest'at the moment!! Does anyone else have this problem?!

I think that it may be his teeth coming through as in general his health is good, he is off his food a little bit and fusses with the mouth etc...but it is just so wearing listening to it all day. If he is distracted he is fine (ie when his big sister is around will give her big smiles and loves to play) but will quickly turn to the whinge again.

He is an active little (big) man as he is crawling madly and wants to walk, it seems hard to keep him occupied, he seems to get bored very quickly.

Maybe it is just a stage, who knows, may need to get earplugs!!!

Hope all the little angels are well......

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

Yep i have a whinger too she is teething and trying to crawl and pull herself up so she is getting very frustrated. Hope this is just a phase.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

I have a 13mth old boy in the last couple of weeks he has also just none stop been winging it is driving us mad.
He will get interested in something and play for a while he is fine but then it is like he remembers I am suppose to be winging and he will start up again. He also gets so frustrated at everything and he will scream at it.
Plus he was also sleeping really well at night but now he is waking up screaming a couple times a night. I am so tired which does not give me much patients with his winging all day long.
I just do not know what is going on is it growth is he teething I just do not know. I want my happy boy back and sleeping beauty back...... HELP!!!!!!!!!!

boy 17/2/05 & girl 31/5/02

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