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Could it be teeth or something else? Lock Rss

Hey all..

I have had the pleasure of having a well settled, well fed baby which has slept through the night since she was 8 weeks old (please dont throw things at me!!.. lol)

But she turned 5 months old yesterday and for almost the last week she has had me puzzled!

Thursday and Friday and half of saturday she would only drink less than 100ml each feed (normally 200ml) while feeding she would fidget alot and cry at different points. She only catnapped through the day (usually sleeps for 1-2hours at a time) and needed to be patted to sleep at night(usually self settles without too much of a drama).

Come Sunday she was back on track feeding and day sleeps but now wakes in the middle of night around 1am and again at 4am and cries.

The first night I thought I would give her a bottle as she might have been starving from the lack of feeds she had but she wasnt interested. Just gave her a cuddle and put her back down and has done this since.

She has been putting her fingers in her mouth alot and chomping on them. She has raised parts approx where your vampire teeth (the pointy ones) are on the bottom both sides but I cant see white bits though you have to be quick as the tongue is always moving!
If I put my finger in there she chomps down hard too. I definately wont be putting them in there when she has teeth!!!

Any ideas on what could be happening? I dont know what to do to help the little one.. she is happy through the day so it has me beat
My guess is teeth - maybe they are just moving around under the gum and causing her a bit of soreness.
My son was like this for months off and on and then all of a sudden we had teeth.
We felt like we were constantly saying that he was teething but in the end we were right and the teeth came through
If she is happy dont worry about her not drinking so much of her bottle.
Good luck

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

hi dark and stormy!sounds like teething to me im no expert but ds just cut his 1st tooth at nearly 10mths (yes im very xcited).it can go on 4 mths or 2morrow u could wake up and theres a little toothy peg there.each bub is so different.
How you going dark and stormy (I use to love those in a Can once upon a time - LOL) ? It seems that a few people I knows 5 months old are going through some-thing similar. Your bub certainly has the teething signs, however, I struggle at times to pin all of DD's behviour down to that. I dont know if you watch The Simpsons, but I wish they had a baby interpreter like Homers brother made - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hey Dark & Stormy,

Your story is sounding very similar to ours. DS was sleeping through, putting himself to sleep & self settling UNTIL 2 weeks ago. It was a wednesday & in the morning was fine (i checked his gums - nothing there) & at about 12:30pm he let out the most unsual squely sound & put my finger in his mouth & walah - we had a tooth. Since then he has been waking like your DD, & he too had not been hungry for milk or solids. He was waking about 6-8 times per night & then would fully wake at 4am & not go down for an hour & a half. During this time he was also inconsolable. He also would not go to sleep unless you were cuddling/patting him. He cut his 2nd tooth on sunday & slowly he seems to be getting back to our happy Mitchy. The last 2 nights have been better, but still getting up about 4 times to resettle. GOD - i hope we dont have to teach him how to resettle himself again.

So from my point of view - it sounds like teeth!

Good luck & i hope she's back to her normal self soon.

Simone, Mitchell 27/09/05 Taya 21/09/07

I have a simular question. I have a fully b/f 4 month old who was unsettled last week and has a lovely new habit of biting hard on my nibble when feeding and has had green poo on 2 occasions. Is this a sign of teething?

Mum to Brianna born 24 November 2005

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