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Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but i'll give it a go.

We had a lady from a baby music class come to our mother's group yesturday and she spoke to us about teaching babies to sign so they can communicate before they can talk.
They do it though music but i was just wondering if anyone else had tried it or if it's hard to teach them. I had a look on the net last night and found a free printable poster with six signs on it so i thought i might give it go. It's sounds very interesting.
Does anyone know much about it or tried it themselves?

I haven't tried any-thing formal, but do a lot of actions with my hands which DD has learnt. I also have a musical background so its a big part of our life anyway. There is an interesting article in the Heinz web site 'baby news'. There is lots of discussion on it in their forum as well, although I don't participate just yet - fairly new to that site.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I too posted a thread about it a couple of weeks ago.. i had a few people respond who are trying it but not havent had too many results as such.

I was really interested in the sign language, it is meant to alleviate alot of the frustration that babies face when us mums cant understand their jibberish!!

I actually bought a ebook ebay which cost just a couple of dollars and they emailed it to me (that why so cheap) more than happy to pass it on.. just post your email address for me and it will be there in a jiffy!!

Dont know about the music bit though, what I have you actually sign the word as you say it and they will then learn the sign before the word. It doesnt affect speech development at all as you are still teaching the word as well
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