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Twins and more :) Lock Rss

Hi all I am looking to chat with mums with twins and more... Kobe is 2.3 yrs old and twins Chelsea and Jesse F/M born 17 Oct 2005 @ 33 wks, now 5.5 mts old. K loves the new babes. cant get enough of them, with no rivalry....yet! C & J are going ok to well.. big feeding problems. however they r v v happy and sleeping well considering. Thanks..... Sallie, SA

Sallie, m.o. Kobe 12/03 Chelsea & Jesse 10/05 S.A.

Hi Sallie I dont have twins but I have a daughter who is 9 1/2 months old and Jaye was born on 12 june 2005, Is it hard with twins? Thats great that the twins sleep great and do they ever wake each other up during the night?

Sorry for all the questions just wondering cause one of my friends are having twins in August.

Chat soon.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi sallie. i am also mum to boy /girl twins.

were are close in dates.

mine 25 oct 2005. @ 28 weeks.

doing well now after a extremely rough start to life.

Eric Benjamin- 1190grams birth weight

Jade Kate- 1157grams birth weight.

my msn is <[email protected]

hope to hear from u again. gotta go now eric just woke up!
Hi Sallie,
My twin girls were born at 32 weeks on the 18 Oct. I cant believe how close your dates are to ours. Everything is good except all the doctors and physios that the council makes us see keep telling us they are only at there corrected age. I feel like i have let them down a bit. What are you going thru?
I have also had 1 twin roll but they other isnt interested?
Have you tried the podee bottles? They are great.

Sue, Vic, Mum to keira & Tahlia 18/10/2005

i have been stressing lately because jade will drink 170ml /5 feeds happy with that but eric with do 100-130ml /5feeds a day. they are same weight i i feel they should need the same volume. then today i rang the health centre nurse she pointeed out that if i was breastfeeding (which was tried but failed totally- long story) i wouldn't know how manmy mls he was having. he isn';t crying for more inbetwwen feeds..gennerally both fed 4th hourly. but lately he won't sllep during day and wakes early in a'm. i have started feeling low like i'm failing, which is silly because i have 2 beautiful happyy babies. but still i feel like i'm doing something wrong.
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