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HELP small 8mth boy! normal??? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I have a son 'Connor Jack' who has just turned 8 months old and he only weighs a measly 7kgs. Everyone has always commented on how small he is, but more so now he is getting older.

He was born weighing a healthy 7lb 6oz, but hasn't put on a heap of weight since birth. He has always gained some weight and never lost weight so my Health Nurse hasn't been concerned. She did say last week at our 8mth check up that there's no stopping me taking him to a GP or Paediatrican to have the once over, just to make sure re:his weight. I've even had him on solids since 4.5mths in hope to gain weight but nothing changed.

I guess it doesn't help that his father is Bangladeshi (Indian) and his side of the family are all quite small.

Does anyone else have the same 'problem' and has anything been diagnosed as to why their babies are so small?

Thanks for reading...

Michelle,Connor,Jai 2/7/08

Hi Chelle

My Daughter Ashleigh is about 7.5mths and weighs 7.2kgs so its roughly the same. It is still within the healthy (Average) weight as far as i have been told. Is your son long as ashleigh is almost 70cm so even though she is not gaining a lot of weight she is certainly making up for it in her length and therefore doesn't look chubby at all.
If you are concerned i would go and see the gp but i'm pretty sure as long as you don't think he i sick at all that it is pretty normal still.
Sorry not much advise but hope it helps to know there are other skinny babies around. keep in touch if you want to chat more.

Hey Chelle,

Dont beat yourself up over Connors weight, i think that he sounds absolutely perfect.

I too have had the same problem and i am pretty sick of the comments that total strangers feel they need to give you.

My daughter is 11.5months old and weighs only 8.6kgs, she is also 78cm long so she makes up for it there. She is a happy baby and always on the go, she never sits still.

Just relax and enjoy Connor as much as you can, because soon he will be turning one and you will be asking yourself' where did that year go', as im doing now.

I have another skinny baby here!!! At 7.5 months she weighed 7.15kgs today and is 74cms long. Most of that length is legs. She was fairly big (3.9kgs) at birth but jaundice and reflux after birth slowed down her weight gain.

We started her on solids at 4 months because she had reflux and my GP thought it may help her to bulk up, she was averaging about 100gms per week but lost 800gms in 1 week when she got gastro at 4.5 months, and ended up in hospital for a few days. This slowed down her physical development a bit too as she lost a lot of muscle strength especially in her legs and stomach (without any spare fat she lost muscle). My paed was concerned that prior to her sickness she may have a thyroid problem but with the way she bounced back he is no longer concerned.

She is still seeing a paed and he is not concerned as long as she is averaging 100gms per week in between visits and is happy and healthy.
She will only drink about 600mls of formula a day with 3 X 100gm serves of solids but I dont think she could fit anymore in that skinny little body.

She is the happiest baby you could possibly imagine always smiling, playing, talking and never cries so I just use that as a guide to how she is going rather than her weight. Beside when she is an adult she will be very happy if she is still tall and lean.

The biggest problem is clothes, she is a size 0 in length and a size 00 in the waist, so it very hard keeping her pants on and 00 length leaves her with cold ankles.

Skinny babies stand tall and proud!!! ( but dont turn sides ways or we wont be able to see you smile )


Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

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