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Still no teeth Lock Rss

My son still has no sign of teeth.He is 8 1/2 mths old. I know they will come when they are ready but I just want one.
Thought Id tell you that!
hi there luvmyboys
i must admit reading your message made me laugh.
not making fun of you,but just the way you put it very cute.
i suppose its like you're expecting baby to crawl and they're on their knees and rocking and you think will it be today that she will start to crawl?
we have to be patient (i know i'm not)
let me know when the first tooth appears.
take care

mary.NSW 11 month baby

I feel for you - my son is 8 mths with no teeth. He gets little red cheeks and has the dribble fest - everyone is keen to put all his red cheeks, dribbles and off days to teething. Only problem is this has been happening since he was 4 mths old!
There is nothing. Not a sign of one.
He is crawling,standing saying mum,dad,nan yet not a tooth.A little small tooth.
Just one is all I want. I can wait patiently for the rest.

My son is 8.5 months old and also no sigh of teeth. He also has had the signs the last 4 months. You can see little lumps where the eye teeth will hopefully come through.

I was 9.5 months when I got my teeth, and they were eye teeth. My husband was 4 months. Maybe Eric is taking after Mummy.

He has no interest in crawling yet.
He got two teeth last week and both in the same week.One on the tuesday and the second on the friday.
Came through smoothly. They are his front bottom two.
Hello Luvmyboys

That's great to hear!

My boy just got 2 on the bottom as well!

People kept on asking us when he was getting ready and I just kept saying when they are good and ready they will come through!

melissa, vic, Patrick 2.5 & Laura 15 months

Hi, I have 4 children my youngest is a 8 & 1/2 mth old dd.

My first, also a girl, did not get ANY teeth until 2 weeks before her 1st birthday!!! I can tell you I thought that child was never going to get teeth and being my 1st I was very anxious. Now we are looking at having to put braces on that childs teeth! Hmmm maybe better if she hadn't got any, lol.

My current baby at 8 1/2 months also has no sign of any teeth. She only has to stick her hand in her mouth for someone to say, "oh she must be getting teeth." I just say "Mmmm" thinking well I guess they have to come one day. My 2 boys inbetween got theirs around the 7 1/2 mth mark. Maybe it's a boy/girl thing in our family???

I have a 9mth old son and he still has no teeth, I really thought they would have come through well by now, his gums are a light pink color and he doesn't dribble anywhere near as much as he used to, which is a good thing (I think) so I don't even know if he is close to even just getting one.
hey luvmyboys
charlees almost 9 months and no teeth
im going to diffenatly celebrate when she gets one
im happy for you

DD may 03, DS oct 06

ps everyone has been telling me she is gettin teeth since she was 3 months old

DD may 03, DS oct 06

its past 9 months and no teeth


DD may 03, DS oct 06

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