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CAR SEATS. To turn or not! Lock Rss

I have a 6month old daughter who weighs 7.5kg. My predicament is the car seat issue. They say not to turn it until 8kg, but my DD absolutly hates to travel. I think this is cos the poor darling can't see anything. She tries with all her might to get out when put in there. She is only 1/2 kg off the recommended weight so I was thinking about turning it now! Can anyone please tell me their views on this??? Would be greatly appreciated.




Hope, SA, 3girls Jasmine , Millicent & Phoebe

Hi Hope,

i am also thinking of turning my DD around she is 7.3kg but she is very long and her legs touch our car seat so she seems all scrunched up. Will be interested to see any posts of other people that may have turned them early.

My view is don't do it as you are putting your baby at risk should you be involved in an accident. I do understand your bub may enjoy sitting forward and that it even makes things easier for you. I suppose you have to ask yourself if its worth the risk.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My daughter was about 6 kg when i turned it around beause she was trying to sit up, and ive neber had a broblem. i think u know if your child i ready for it to be turned reguardless of there length and weight

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

Hi my DD is almost 4 months old and 6.7kgs and we turned her seat around about 4 weeks ago as she hated travelling and that we turned the seat you can put her in the car and she will go to sleep (no more screaming). I like it better that way as well cos i can see her properly.
Hi there,

I turned my daughter around about a month ago she is now 5 and a half months old. She weighs about 18 pounds.

The only reason I could do it so early was because we brought one of those turn-a-tots car seat that reclines to 3 different positions and there is a button at the front that you press and the car seat turns around so you dont have to lift baby over things to get them in and out. you just place them in there and everything is great.

Khiarah is in the most reclined position and loves it, she loves seeing everything she can now see. And talks to everything going past. Its rather cute smile


My little girl is a week off 6 months old. As of 4 weeks ago she was 7.5kgs and I turned her seat around that week. Shes had full head control since 2 weeks old (very strong) and has been trying to sit up since 4months old. She looked compfy, she was still leaning back a little and her head was upright and not hanging to the side when she fell asleep. She loves it because she can see both myself and my husband, but I love it coz I can see what shes doing and just look at her, which Im sure alot of you other mums do all day as well- theyre such time wasters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aly, 6mth girl


The age is apparantley 6 months old that the seat should be turned around facing front ward, I think its more how you feel and also behind the passenger seat now not the middle.

Nikbud 20 month old

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