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2 month old and fruit Lock Rss

i have a 2 month old boy as well as some family members who are suggesting that allowing him to lick fruit or drop the juice of fresh fruit into his mouth is harmless. this idea seems silly to me due to his developing digestive system but i have not been able to find any information on it. any ideas??
the reason they say not to give children under 4 months food is that their tummies physcially cannot break it donw yetand to give them alil extra time to develop in caseof allergies. A drop of juice or a lick of a spoon is not enough to upset their tummy but it co9uld cause problems if they allergic. But u dont know this till u try it anyway. lose lose haha

Alot of " older" ppl, more traditional were feeding their babues cows milk, food and the like well before we are and you will constantly hear " it didnt hurt my hildren" but there is alot of research been done sinc ethen.
Admittedly I had my first on solids by 3 mnths and had my last on cows milk at 6 months. Go with you gut, its always right and dont let ppl around u tell u what to do. ur maternal insticnt is a very powerful thing

thanx, you just confirmed for my thoughts for me. exactly wat i needed tongue
I think that because our parents and grandparents did this when we were babies they think it is ok for them to do it to our babies.I have also had 'well- meaning' relatives asking if my son was on solids since he was 6weeks old!

I did start him at 4 months but that was because I felt he was ready not anyone else.

Whatever you decide, don't let your relatives push you into starting food early.My mum informed me yesterday that she let my son have a lick of honey when she had him for the night a few weeks ago.That made me so angry and I let her know about it!Grrr

i would have a guess and say that the people suggesting this raised their babies 30 or more years ago?

definately too early for the digestive system to handle anything more than bm/formula.

don't listen to their "wise words"!!!

Also, if you give them the sweet stuff first, you may have problems with them eating vegies later IMO

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