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What's Your 11 month old Up To? Lock Rss

Only 1 month till they are the big '1'.

Was just curious as to what everone else's 11 month old is up to?

My girl is walking everywhere with confidence now and rarely crawls at all! She says mumma and dadda and have just recently heard her say a form of her brother's name! She makes a woof sound when talking about puppies too wqhich is so cute!!
She loves baths, showers and anything to do with water and also loves to dance when she hears music!
She currently has 6 teeth...4 top and 2 bottom.
She is a good eater loving to eat anything we are fussy eater here!!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Emily has been walking for about a week now, its really cute to watch especially with the arms in the air to keep the balance!!
she is saying a few words, mumma, dadda, cat, nanna, etc
she LOVES baths!! complains bitterly when i pull her out!! she also has 6 teeth, and is a really fussy eater, will only eat things she can feed herself!
she is very energetic and happy and hates sitting still!!!
Also her favourite thing is hi-5! she would watch it all day if i let her and claps and waves her hands in the air when i put on the cd!!
Hey Everyone, I havent posted in SOOO long!
My baby girl is 1 on Saturday! Shes still just crawling but SOOO fast ive never seen a kid go like she does! She stands up holding onto the furniture and is into EVERYTHING! I cant keep her still she wants to be on the go all the time! Shes in swimming lessons and LOOOOVES the water! She says mum, dad, pop, nan, bub, baby, that (which is REALLY annoying hehe) and her new word is Puss! She loves our cat but now EVERYTHING is puss even the monkeys in the park hehe!
She loves her food to but is starting to really get into feeding herself, which is good I guess! Shes also learnt to say Tar so when food is around all you see is her hand go up to you and her saying Tar!
Bubby also loves hi-5 and the world stops for her when it starts at 11am! She dances to all kinds of music but hi-5 would be the winner!

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