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hi my ds will be 11mths in 2wks,there is still no sign of crawling, all she will do is sit and bottom shuffle, will she eventually stop bottom shuffling and try to crawl coz im worrying that she going to start very late and perhaps start walking late,is there anything that i can do to encourage her,i do give her tummy time but than she starts crying, any advise plse of do i just wait

My DD is 11 months and has never crawled. She's trying pretty hard to learn to walk, but she doesn't even really bum-shuffle properly - she's only worked out how to go backwards, and round in circles. If you put her on her tummy, she either lies there and cries, or rolls over onto her back. Babies all develop at different ages and rates, there's nothing at all abnormal about what your baby is doing. Make sure she has plenty of time (as much time as she enjoys, anyway) on the floor so that she can muck around and try out different things, but she'll get there in her own time. My mum never crawled, and only ever bum-shuffled until 18 months when she just stood up and walked! Her older sister walked at 8.5 months. So they are all really different, even within the same family. It is important for their development that they do learn to crawl one day, according to recent research, but it doesn't actually seem to matter much if they learn to crawl before or after learning to walk. So I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.

Hope that helps! Try to enjoy all the great stuff your little girl IS doing, rather than worrying about what he isn't doing. smile]

Just keep waiting, it will happen. My girlfriends little girl didn't even bum shuffle,and at 18months just decided to get up and walk.But she was the most amazing talker. My 2 kids both walked before 10 months - just enjoy it - once they start walking all hell breaks loose!!
My DS only began to crawl in the week he turned 1 and then was walking within a month of that. Trust me enjoy it once they start getting around you wish they didnt my DD started crawling just shy of 8 months and two weeks later is already pulling herself up on everything getting ready to walk, driving me crazy!!!!
Hi there my DS1 didnt start crawling properly till 1 day before his first birthday. He never bum shuffled just rolled everywhere. He started walking 2/3 weeks later.
my niece is now 2yrs old and she didnt crawl til she was 14months and wasnt walking til 18months. nothing wrong with her now she doesnt walk anywhere she runs! so yeh as pp say all in their own time

thanks for everyone's replies, ill just sit back and wait
I agree. It will happen when bub is good and ready. my eldest son now 6yrs old was a prem bub and didnt do any form of crawling until he was 14mths. I organised for him to go to physio and before he started physio he started to crawl. I still took him so I could do things to help him walk and by 18mths he still wasnt walking. His paediatrician was getting concerned as he was late in his milestones and since it was past the 18mths cut of time. She ordered an MRI to rule anything neurological out. We were very scared. I even took him to see a private neurologist for a second opinion. Results of MRI came back that everything was fine. Turned out he was just lazy because being first child hubby and I were getting and doing everything for him and playing on a blanket he didnt need to go and "chase" the toys he just pulled the toys to him. He is now very healthy and independant. My 2nd son aged 3 was 9 months when he started to walk. Lets see when bub 3 (now 3 months)starts. Not worried cause each child is different and will do things when they are ready if he's early he's early if he's late then so be it.
hi there dont panic it will happen my daughter didnt start crawling till 11 mths and walking at eighteen months dont be in any hurry cause once they start running they dont get so cuddly booh hoo and also make sure they crawl cause it helps with tracking and it is so important i am no expert but we have an eleven year old he didnt crawl and has trouble reading my therapist i had for my daughter asked straight away did he crawl and i said no and thats when i found out why he has trouble at school just some useful info lol
Hi there
I was reading in my baby love book last night that Babies who bottom shuffle are typically late walkers. Normally around 18monts of age. Its because when they bum shuffle they realise they can get around like this and tend to just stick to that instead. So they dont learn to crawl properly and because they dont crawl then they dont learn to pull them selves up on furniture and stuff. Its definately nothing to worry about. Atleast you dont have to worry about ur bubs climbing up on everything all the time hehehe..
My DD still isn't crawling but is trying to pull up on furniture. She's getting very close to being able to do it.

My mum bum-shuffled until she walked at 18 months and had no problems learning to read or write. She just learned to crawl after she learned to walk, is all. It isn't imperative that they do things in the same order, so long as they do them somewhere along the way.

thanks everyone, she is going to be 1yr in 2wks, and still no sign of crawling or walking,she is just doing more bottom shuffling from one end of the room to the other, but i guess i just have to wait.
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