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when can your baby use a jolly jumper? Rss

My little boy is 10 weeks old and is very active. I am wandering what is the best age to use a jolly jumper safely?
It's recommended not to use them. I did with my DS and haven't had any problems. He is 8 months and just started crawling.
You can use one when your baby can hold their head up without any problems.

Hi there
I used at Jolly Jumper with DD1 when she was about 3-4 mths (cant be exactly sure when lol) she was crawling by 7 mths, after that didnt want a bar of it lol
just make sure your little boy is strong enough in the neck and can hold his head up! I think on the instruction it says use after 3 mths, but dont hold me to that lol...
At least 3-4 months depending on how good their head control is.
DD started using the jolly jumper at 3months. She's had very good head control from a very young age. She is very active and wears her out. DD espically loves using it when i have music on(pink,etc) and she goes silly.

I think 3 months is the minimum, but it's more to do with whether or not they have good head control. My DS LOVED his, until he started crawling, then hated being confined & wouldn't have a bar of it!!

Yep, I started using ours at 3 months. He's nearly 6 months now, so far the play mat is a waste of money, so time will only tell. Give it a go, if they can hold their head up its great to use up some energy!!
We had a baby development lady tell us that she recommends people don't use them. She said if they do however then make sure that both feet fully touch the ground and that the baby isn't in it for more than 5 minutes at a time. This has come about becuase there are now a generation of "toe walkers" because as young babies they were put in jolly jumpers and walkers and were not put so both feet were fully on the ground, it did something to their calf muscles and they all started walking more on their toes than was natural. There are so many opinions though aren't there... so hard to know which ones to follow.
I started my DS in his at 4 months. He just loved it!
Hey Steph,
They don't recommend you use them before 4 months and before bubs has good head and neck control.
My DS had mild plagiocephally (flat head syndrome) when he was younger and it was a great way to get him to spend time off his back apart from tummy time. Plus he just absolutely adored it!
Friends of mine brought one for their daughter and she just didn't like it so every bubs is different.
Things to remember when using it is to never leave bubs alone (like you would anyway!) and to use it in moderation.

Good luck smile

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