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Does Your Baby have a flat head? It could be Plagiocephaly. Lock Rss

I have a three yr old girl Madeline and a 10 month old boy Joshua and Josh has just been diagonsed as having Plagiocephaly. He has a very large head and it is very flat at the back and very wide. We have trouble putting a bike helmet on him because it is so wide. It is a very common thing but it has really increased since we have been putting bays to sleep on their backs. It used to be 1 in 300 babys but now it is 1 in 60.
Alot of Drs just wait and watch but there is treatment if you get to it in time. Josh is at the right age and he will have to wear a helmet for about 6 months the will shape his head back to normal. I went to many Drs before I got anything done so my recommendation is that if you are at all worried so straight to a peadiatric neurosurgeon and get it looked at. Treatment can start at 8 months and is effective until 18 months of age so get in early. It is very treatable if you want to fix the shape of the childs head
Hi Amanda. Just a question. I was wondering if Josh's head has improved somewhat with tummy time etc. Had you seen even a slight improvement. I had the same problem and they never mentioned using a bike helmet, however my 1 year olds head has improved in shape. If it hadnt improved much I would definately see a pediatrician about a helmet. He was born with a flat head too. Was Josh born with a flat head or did it become flat.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

to answer your questions no Josh was not born with a flat head it is mainly caused by him lying on his back to sleep all the time. Josh has problems getting a bike helmet on but this helmet is not a bike helmet. a plaster cast is made of josh's head a helmet made to fit him and apply pressure in the right spots. Josh is now now sleeps on side and his tummy so time is not really a help to him now. He has only had it for 1 week but the research indicates that it does help. But just keep in mind that there is only a small window of opportunity so if you are at all worried see some one now.
Hi there ladies, my dd who is nearly 13 mths has had a flat spot on her head for quite some time now, its from sleeping on her back, but the thing that really gets up my nose is we do the wrong thing by our babys if we dont sleep them on there backs, tayla sees a pead dr every couple of months as she was a premmie and last time i seen a different doctor and he was really concerned about her flat spot and her fontinelle, i have to see him in a few weeks but i will wait and see what he says then, to me it seems to have gotten a bit better, it is more noticable as well i think when they have fair hair... I did see an article last month in the sunday herald sun, with a couple of babies wearing the helmets, my god i cant even keep a hat on tayla head let alone a helmet

tayla 16/08/03

Hi belinda
My research started when my sister saw that same article in the hearld sun also. Josh is not at all corcerned about his helmet and they can't get them off. It is a very specialised area and not all Dr's are aware of treatment. I asked for a second opoinion and I went to theChildrens Hosp in Sydney. All I can say is that If you are at all concerned go to a other Dr. There is only a small time in which the helmet is effective until 2 yrs old. My son also has problems haering and a ears, nose & throat Dr said it could all be related to the Flat head and now he has to have hearing aids. Putting babies to sleep on there back is one of the causes, car capsules also increase it, lack of calcium during pregnancy & the wereborn with it. MY advice is do as much research about it before you go back to the Dr so you can question what he tells you. I did a goggle search on plagiocephaly most of it is america but the information is good and don't freak out the price of the helmets they are not that in australia. And the multiple birth ass has some information. Good luck
Yeah , thanks for that i will look into it, i will mention it to her dr i have to see him in a couple of weeks so i will see what he has to say, then maybe get a second opinion!!! Thanks for that and good luck to you as well!!!

tayla 16/08/03

My son is 9 months old and has a very flat head at the back. I have a referral to get it checked out but I haven't done it yet as I was hoping it would just fix itself. His head is very disproportioned and this is caused from him sleeping on his back. Is the helmet uncomfortable for your little man, Josh, and how often does he wear it???

Nicky, I am in the same situation as you. My twins are now 7 months old (6 months corrected as they were premmies). My son has a flat head on his right side as he always slept with his head tilted to the right. His twin sister has a perfectly round head. We raised it as a concern when he was about 3-4 months. All three professionals - the paediatrician, GP and Health Nurse kept telling us not to worry and that it would fix itself up. But at 7 months, we only saw a slight improvement. In the end, we made the decision that we were not willing to wait as if it is not fixed now, he could end up with a life-time of problems with bike helmets and glasses, not to mention a very noticeable misshapened head which only an afro hairstyle could cover up smile. The cost is not prohibitive (when you consider the consequences) and you can claim some of it back if you have the right private health cover.

We have just picked up the helmet today, so we hope it works!

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

Good luck with the helmet. and Josh has had his since 1/9/04 and we are seeing improvements now and the Drs at Randwich are very happy. We are going up next week to the helmet clinic so I might see you. And if you have any questions and need to talk about it just email me. amanda
Hi Amanda

Thanks. We are in Melbourne so I guess there will be no chance of us bumping into each other. My son has just had the helmet on for a couple of hours this evening and he didn't whinge at all. His sister thought it was interesting and kept trying to grab it off his head!

Twins' Mum, VIC, E & A born 4/04

My little boy had a bit of a flat spot on the back left hand side of his head, when he was about 2 months old. This was due to him favouring that side when he was sleeping on his back. It was quite noticeable when he was playing under his playgym and he couldn't turn to the right hand side to look at you because of the flat spot. We spoke to our health nurse and she said to turn his head to the right and place a face washer beside his head when he was asleep, which would prevent him from turning his head to the left. At that early stage it should have corrected it. Unfortunately he kept turning his head back to the left again, no matter what we had against his head. We then started sleeping him on his left side, but put rolled up blankets either side of him so that he couldn't roll onto his tummy or onto his back. This seemed to help and the flat spot became less pronounced. Now that he's nearly 9 months old and rolling all over the place in his cot since he was about six months, you can hardly notice the flat spot at all.

His cousin, who is eight days older, also had a flat spot and his parents were extremely concerned about the psychological effects a "flat head" would have when he was older (ie kids teasing him etc). So they organised to have a helmet made at the Royal Children's Hospital and travelled the required six hour each way trip for three months for his check-ups. He now has a perfectly shaped head and two very relieved parents. The only problem he has now is that he doesn't have his "crash helmet" when he has a tumble or bashes into something head first when he's crawling!!!!!

I think do whatever works for you, but get onto it early because it can't be fixed once their fontanelle grows over.

Salli, Vic, mum of Ben

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