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Your 10 Month old ??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,
Just curious of what everyone's 10month olds are up to??
etc etc.... Whatever is on your mind??
My DD Ryleigh is tiny hehe
She is just 8kg - 68cm - hc 45
She eats everything and anything lol She eats mainly what we do now.
Has NO teeth sad
Sleeps 6.30pm - 9.00am through the night and atm is having one day sleep for about 2-3hrs at 1pm.
Her routine is ALL OVER THE PLACE - lol.
Does anyone have a solid routine or do you just go with the flow of the day???

Look forward to sharing ur 10 month olds hehe

Hey there,

My DD2 will be 10 months old next week.

She sleeps from about 7:30pm until at least 8 am. Is up for two hours and then goes back to sleep for 2 hours. She also has another 2 hour sleep at around 2 pm. So 4 hours all up during the day. She has self settled since about 3 months of age. (thank goodnes as DD1 never did at that age).

She is having 2 bottles a day (self weaned) but makes up for it with lots of yoghurt and cheese. She eats anything and everything she can get her hands on LOL.

She has 7 teeth with the 8th right underneath the gum. Is just starting to stand on her own unaided and laughs at just about everything. She's a very happy and content baby the total opposite of what her big sis was like!

Last month she weighed 9.8kg and was 74cms tall. Big girl like her sis.

What else....LOL She has a pretty set routine as I didn't do that with DD1 and she was all over the place and didn't like to go to sleep. DD2 loves her sleep!

Anyway, enought about us. Chat to you soon smile]
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Hi, Erin is
Weight: 8.8kg

Height: 84cm

Routine: She doesn't really have a routine as such, but mostly has 2-3 sleeps per day.

Development: Slowly desensitising to tactile defensiveness + oral aversions. Whinges/cries constantly:( Started pulling herself up on things and is hand/ knee crawling instead of commando now. Says dadad and bubub

Teeth: She has 4 teeth (2 top + 2 bottom)

Foods: was going really well with food after a slow start (wasn't interested + wouldn't let spoon or anything near her mouth until 8 months) until the last couple of weeks. She had a belly bug and now hardly want food or milk (hopefully it'll pass). Some finger foods but will not eat anything we cook for her so its Heinz jars all the way at the moment.

Sleep: Generally sleeps from 6.30/7ish until 7amish (but I have to get up to her at least once every night, sometimes more, to give her her dummy as she has no idea how to self settle sad

Edited to add: She's my little SOOK!
[Edited on 15/07/2009]

Ben 25/10/06 + Erin 10/9/08

Hi Matilda is,

weight - 7.7kg
height - 71.5cm
hc - 43cm

turned 10 mths last week

no real routine, we go with the flow I did try setting a routine for her when she was 6 mths but she would rather not have one, has 2 sleeps through the day and sleeps 7pm - 7am

has self settled since 4 mths

crawling since 7 mths has just started to stand without holding onto things

has six teeth at the moment with two just under the surface ready to come through

eats well most of the time, but loves her vegies, has 3 bottles a day

loves our cat thinks he is the funniest thing she has ever seen, she has a permanent smile on her face and will smile and laugh at everything and everyone

she is my happy little girl
Slater Jett weighs 12.4kg he's 84cm long. He has 8 teeth (4 top, 4 bottom) Slater eats most foods we eat, his fav foods are fresh fruit (banana, pear and rock melon) He also loves stews and meats and veg we have for dinner.
He's in a really good routine, however it is also very flexible. His bed time is 6.30and he wakes anytime between 8.00-9.30am, latley he has been waking once during the night for a feed, i'm guessing because he's such a big boy he's needs an extra feed during the early hours of the morning.
He also has 1-2 sleeps a day depending on what time he woke, if he has 2 sleeps he has a mid morning sleep for 1 and 1/2-2 hrs and a arvo sleep for 2 hrs, if he only has one sleep (usually due to hime noy waking up till late) he'll have about 3 hrs.
Slater can say dada, buba, ta (when he receive's something)and the occasional mumma (but dont hear that to often, everyone and everything in dada lol)
Slater can wave goodbye, stand for a few seconds on his own,walks holding onto furniture and holding your hands and crawls.
He's a really happy baby, although the past couple of weeks he has had some attitude and thrown a couple of tantie's ( i thought they were not ment to come till he was 2 lol) Anyone else had there 10 month old have the same drama's??


My 10 month old is 10.4kg and 86cm tall, she just got her 1st 2 teeth last week both at the same time.

She has 3 bottles a day and has just cut down from 2 day sleeps to 1 long day sleep. She sleeps from 6:30pm-7:30am most nights.

She is crawling, walking along furniture, trying to stand on her own, waves bye bye.

She says mumma, dadda, nanna, bubba, erro(hello)and nah(no)

My little one has also started the tantrums I think she is copying them from her 3 yr old sister
Hey, great post..

dd Jaida is 10 months 1 week old.

She's just on 11kg.
haven't done height for a while.
She eats everything!

Has 8 teeth [cut her 8th tooth at 7 months old]. The worst she went through was 3 in one day.

Bed time is 5.30-7.00pm
Feed at 4-5am
Wake 6.00-7.00am

2 Feeds during the day (still bf)

Naps at 10am and 2pm for around 40mins.
we never had a strict routine for her.

Today she started to throw the first of many tannys!! I cant believe it.. must admit it was soooo funny seeing such a small baby explode like that. Good times ahead, lol!!

Will 6 July 06 - Jaida 19 Sept 08

Hi there,

Dion is 10.5 months old.
At his 10 month check up...
He weighs 9.6kg
He is 76cms tall
He goes to bed 7:30-8pm and wakes at 6-6:30am, usually waking 1-2 times during the night for a dummy, plus he has terrible eczema that is so itchy it wakes him in the night.
He has 2-3 naps a day 30-60 mins each.
I have recently taught him to self-settle so when it is nap time or bed time i just put him in the cot with a dummy and walk out going in at 5 minutely intervals to lay him back down and say 'shh' until he goes to sleep.
He has been crawling since 9 months and has begun to pull himself up to stand on furnture and taking 1-2 steps while holding on.
He has 6 teeth, 3 top and 3 bottom
He eats anything and everything. Finger food like fruit and sandwiches, rusks, cheese sticks etc and prefers home cooked food but occasionally has jarred. He eats what we eat for dinner and 1 weetbix with milk for breakfast

He has generally the same routine everyday but we just use it as a guide, sometimes things are an hour off or so, or he might be tired and have an extra nap or something but im not too anal about it.

He has self-weaned and has two 240ml bottles of formula per day, morning and bedtime.
Matthew is nearly 13 kg, last time i checked he was about 86 cm tall, he's a boofa! smile
it's great reading everyones msgs,
my bubs goes to bed bout 8pm and the last 3 morning has woken about 7am for his milk then has demanded to go strait back in his cot to sleep, i have to wake him at 9 this morning! this has only just started to happen so i am a shocked as it was only last week his routine was to be wide awake at 7am!
.he eats a whole weetbix for breaky
.has fruit (tinned or bannana ect) and yoghurt or bikki for morning tea,
. heaps of water a day
. bowl of veggies and whatever he can scab of my plate as well
. some bread or cheese or fruit or bikki for arvo tea
. milk bout 4pm
. dinner at 6 chicken or meat with veggies then whatever he can scab of me on my plate
. then his bottle bfore bed

he refuses to let me feed him his bottle anymore, he has to do it! i was sad at first cause i loved doing that but i still cuddle him while he drinks it.

he usually has a morning nap and arvo nap, 1 long sleep (hour and half) 1 short nap 30 minutes or so.

he couch walks everywhere and craawls everywhere getting into mishchief!
hope some of this helps smile
[Edited on 12/08/2009]
[Edited on 12/08/2009]
The Basics
Weight: 12.1kg. He has been around 12kg since 9 1/2 months.
Height: Not sure...He is pretty big though. wink
Teeth: Four teeth which he got a six months.

Standing: He can stand by himself for short periods
Walking: He can take two steps at the moment before he falls.
Crawling: Everywhere!
Words: Mumma, Dadda, Ta, No, Bath, Hello, Bye. He also has his own language when he is playing.

Bed Time: Between 7pm-8pm (I'm not too fussy as it is just me and him).
Wake Time: Between 7-7:30pm.
Morning Nap Time: Between 10-10:30am for 40 minutes.
Afternoon Nap Time: Between 2:30-3pm for 30 minutes.
Cuddle Time: Lots! He prefers cuddles than sleeping during the day.
TV: Yes, he loves cartoons and I usually have TV on in background during the day.

Formula: Bellamy's Organic
240ml bottles: 7:30am/7:00pm
180ml bottles: 11:30am/3:30pm

Breakfast: 220gms of cereal & fruit
Lunch: 220gms of vegetables & custard or similar
Dinner: 220gms of meat with vegetables & fruit or custard

I have to puree all his food still or he refuses to eat it. If I mash it, he will not eat it. As I am not a big meat eater I don't make much meat for him.

Snacks: Baby rice cakes, rice snacks, dehydrated apples/pears, fresh fruit or plain biscuits. I just rotate daily so he doesn't get bored. Most stuff he chews on but doesn't swallow.

He will also grab stuff off my plate when I am eating.

Favourite Time
Bath time or story time.

Went through a 'tantrum time' for a few weeks recently where he would cry a lot and be cranky, never found the reason why.

His father feels that my son is too attached to me as he spends most of his time with me and no one else (his father does visit him almost daily). My family live interstate and I know no one where I live (I live with just myself and my son).
Great post girls. smile

2 weeks ago Riley was
weight; 9.6kilos
Height 71.5cm
Not a strict routine. but generally eats around the sanme time every day and is baths and goes to bed around the same time to.
Development wise. His crawling EVERYWHERE, Climbing onto EVERYTHING. Walks around all the furniture. Has stood up on his on unassisted for up to 30 seconds before he falls.
He has 4 teeth.
We have had a rough trot the last 2 months with colds and coughs and tummy upsets and teething.
Used to sleep all night long. Now wakes a couple of times a night. and wakes around 5:30 but comes into our bed and lasts until about 6:30ish. He has been pretty whingy and whiney all day for the past 2 months and was driving me nuts to the point i was not enjoying being a mum sad but the last few days have been great and he has been sooooo happy. Happy bubs=Happy mum.
In saying that, he used to be a great eater to but the last 2 months he went off vegies and wasnt like milk much either. but his come good again YAYYY..for how long i dont know haha.

He has 3 bottles a day of 260mls. will drink most of it.
3 solid meals and snacks in between.
Day sleeps are all over the place. but has 2 sleeps anywhere from 40mins to 2 and a half hours each.
He goes to day care 3 days a week. Hubby and I work full time. and he doesnt sleep there much at all. sad mmmmmmmmmmm other then that. he loves the wiggles, say daddy all the time.. not much mummy but he can say it.. says 'ball' lots of other babbling, claps hands ( since 6 months) waves bye bye. puts both hands on head when we say "hands on head" dances or should i say does the head banging to music lol ahhh i love my little man smile
My little one has no routine...

Weight - over 10 kg
Height - can't remember
Teeth - five
Food - eats well, loves her food.

Breakfast - always two bits of toast (avocado / marmite / peanut butter) and she will have porridge or weetbix with milk and some puree fruit

Lunch - vege sometimes, sandwich, fruit, crumpet, croissant, two minute noodles, custard, omlete, roast vege - cold..just whatever is on over

Tea - slow roast meat and vege, nearly always has udon noddles which she feeds herself and loves, veges, sausages, meat strips, mince, you name it.

Snacks - biscuits, fruit, sultanas etc.

She does sleep through and only really has problems when sick.

She wakes around 7:15 am.

However we do take the dog for a walk in the morning...generally between nine and ten. She will sleep then from 40 minutes to 1 1/2 hours

The afternoons sometimes we get a 30 minute sleep.....If she refuses to sleep in the morning then I will get a good sleep in the afternoon, sometimes.

Lately she has not had her afternoon sleep until 4pm which is a pain.

She is very active, crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on things and walking along, pushes things along either standing or on knees, climbs up on anything she can, goes under anything she can.

No tantrums, just a bit upset when tired - ie woken up or not having had enough sleep during the day.

I have just stopped breast feeding so was doing a bit of both . Breast before walk and after lunch and before bottle at night. Bottle mid afternoon before sleep and at night before sleep.

Love to know how much milk I should be giving her now that TODAY I have stopped breast feeding - she has lost interest in it. I was thinking of 3x 200 mils?????
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