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Your 10 Month old ??? Lock Rss

Lily is 8Kg, 67cm long and growning quickly.

She sleeps from 7:30pm - 8:30am with 2x 2hour sleeps through the day

Lily is having 3 bottles at 250-300ml
Breakfast is weetbix
Yoghurt in the afternoon
Vegies for dinner

She will snack on rusks,fruit etc through the day, no teeth yet one up back trying to come down..

We do have a routine but everyday can be differant depending on whats on, basically whatever works that day lol

loves her walker but dont like her in it too much, not real keenon her tummy and refuses to try and crawl... Butr loves being up and standing assisted:)

All in all each bub id differant, tips and ideas are always welcomed and sometime he best gift ever but also i try and reming myself that each bub will do things at their own rate, as long as Lily is happy and has her health i am one happy proud Mum!
Hi everyone
my ds is is over 8.5kg
dont know hight or anything have checked for a while

he has 6 teeth
fussy on food at times
crawled at 5 months
has been walking for a few weeks now
tatrums will throw blocks or balls at u if he i pissed off with u
i put him to bed at 7.20pm he asleep by 7.30pm will wake from 5.30am-6.30am early bird
he will have weet bix with fruit and milk through it or baby jar cereal
half hour later bottle down by 8am-9am sleep for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs
have lunch about 11-11.30am sandwiches, veges,fruit or whatever i give him half hour later bottle donw for a sleep by 1-2pm 2.30pm at the latest sleep for 1-1 1/2hr
bath at 5pm
dinner at 5.30-6pm he will eat what we eat which is good other wise he loves being in my closet in the hallway pulls everything out sits in there u name it watchs tv laugh at the tv at nothing half the time he loves being outside to play he loves balls throws them all up the hall way all day long but if its hot as he wont have an afternoon sleep so he will be down by 6.30pm
My 10 months old DS
Weight: about 10.5
Height: approx 80cm
Development: crawling, pulling himself up and wanting to let go, loves clapping and waving, and kissing everyone. LOL.
Teeth: 8
Foods: is big on the finger food and it's a struggle to get anything into his mouth that comes onto a spoon unless it's yoghurt. Loves toast, melons, pears, and biscuits. He is still breastfed.
Sleep: never been a good sleeper for the 1st few months of his life he never really napped over 30 mins total all day, so our routine was all over the place then. He has calmed down now and will sleep maybe an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. Night time he goes down at 7.30 and wakes up at 6 but still wakes up 2-3 times during the night for a feed.

Hi all

My DD is 10.5 months old and -

Weighs 7.9 kgs
Height 69 cms
HC 44 cms

Has only just started crawling and pulls herself up in cot and some furniture. She claps, waves, kisses, dances, points, cuddles, trys to do her own 'round and round the garden', is pretty good at feeding herself with a spoon and says mum and bub but not dad.

She eats weetbix or apple muesli for breakfast, yoghurt, fruit and cheese or sandwich for lunch and meat and veg for dinner. Shes more interested in spoon fed foods than finger foods and finds it funny to throw her food on the ground. grrrr

She goes to bed at 7pm, shes then up again between then and midnight at least once, then again maybe twice during the night, then gets up for the day anytime between 5.30 and 7am. She then goes back down for a 1.5-2 hour sleep at 9.30am, then again at 2pm.

We bath her every 2nd day.

She has 6 teeth, 2 down the bottom that she got with no dramas at 5 months, she then recently got 4 top ones all at once within a few days.

She is on formula and has about 4 bottles perday.

She has had horrible constipation problems since 5 months old and has had to see a paed about it. Shes not necessarily constipated anymore, but instead too scared to go because of past pain and holds on for as long as she can, then screams when it finally comes out.

She loves The Wiggles and The Teletubbies (ew)

I think thats about it!!

Isabelle is
76 cm long
47cm head circ

Sleeps: She sleeps from 7pm-5am (yay me grrrr)and her day sleeps are approx an hour at around 9am and 45 mins at approx 2pm. Am soooo jelous of all of you mothers who get their bubs down for hours in the day LOL

Development: Isabelle is crawling and attempting to pull herself up. She talks and makes noises like she doesn't have an off switch! She says all the usual dad-dad, bub-bub etc and has recenty started saying "birs" for birds. She points to EVERYTHING!

Food: She will not eat off a spoon so Belle feeds herself. Corn off the cob, lamb cutlet, picks up peas with ease, you name it. very frustrating and long process but she's getting to be a little speedier. 3 200mls bottles a day

teeth- She has 8 teeth with more just on their way!

tv- Belle only really watches In the Night Garden. It's the only thing that really catches her attention.

You all sound like you are doing a great job ladies!
WOW! So many of your bubs sleep right through the night... I'm jealous!! smile

DS2 is 9.5MO & just lately (since cutting 1 of his teeth)he's been sleeping though about 50% of the time, but up until now he been a pretty bad sleeper.

Not sure what he weighs, etc...
Almost crawling, but can't quite get the hang of it. Just rocks on all 4's atm. But he's getting very frustrated with it!

He wouldn't have a bar of solids till about 7.5 months, so is now only just getting used to lumpyish foods. Will eat almost anything though,as long as it's pureed.

If he sleeps through the night, he sleeps 7pm to 6/7am. Has brekky about 7:30ish, bottle and bed about 9:30/10:00ish. Sleeps for 1-2h. Has lunch about 12ish. Bottle and bed about 1:30/2:00ish. Sleeps for 1-2h. Has tea around 5ish & bottle and bed around 6:30/7ish.

He says dad, mum, bub, a-boo, & i think he says 'cha' (for big sister Charlie).

Ummm... i think that's about it...

Cheers! smile

my 10 month old DD
is about 9.5kg
73cm tall

And she goes tobed at 800pm wakes between 6.30am and 8am has morning feed sometimes goes back to sleep for anothe hour or so, has breaky betwen 8 and 9 goes for nap at ether 10 or 11 generally sleeps for about 2 hrs wakes up and has lunch then a play then DP get s home she then either has anothr litte nap or just plays, has dinner at 6pm her fav food is yogurt
She Loves her Food, she has 6 teeth (4 at top 2 bottom)

She say bub bub bub and muuuummmmm dad dad althouh she started saying it at 6 months then stopped huh maybe it s beacase i do everything for her smile ....... she loves to sing and dance to music (so cute) loves to clap and bang on things to make music. (mybe shes going to be a little muscian smile ) she also loves having her photo taken wink gets the big smiles happening for her grandpa,
shes only cammando crawling atm since about 4 months but she can pull her self up on things and sit herself up by her self, just realised the other day se can climb the stairs blink but then gets stuck and looks likefrog swimming lol
oh and she loves drinking wartey (water lol) from her sipy straw bottle
DD has just turned 11 months but not much has changed so i'll reply anyway.

Weight: 7.02kg
Height: 64.5cm
Routine: No set routine
Development: Crawls backwards quickly, forwards slowly, pulls herself up and cruises furniture. Just before 11 months she took her first step but hasn't taken any more since. She says hi, hello, hey, yeah, dad and bub. She has said a few other things a couple of times but these are her daily use words.
Teeth: None, no signs of teething either.
Foods: She eats anything and everything as well as 2 breastfeeds and 1-2 bottles of formula per day.
Sleep: 2 sleeps during the day and 7:00pm - 6:30am at night.
Yay! DS started commando crawling today! He's already getting into everything!!!

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