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How much does your seven month old weigh? Lock Rss

I am just wondering how much your seven month old babies weigh. My little girl weighs 6.4kg and I am forever getting told how small she is. She is not a huge solid eater, but will have three small solid feeds a day and still enjoys the breast every three hours morning and night. She looks healthy and I am not concerned as I know she is well looked after but it would be interesting to hear from other parents on how much your babbies weigh.

HI teenaz
From memory my daughter weighed about 7.5 kg at that age. I think that was bang on average, so your daughter is smaller than average- but if she seems healthy dont worry about it!!
I think that bottle feed babies usually weigh a bit more than breast fed as well, so that could be it too
Hi Teenaz,
my son isn't 7 months old but only 4.5 months and he weighs in at 8kg excatly. All babies are different so i wouldn't be too concerned about it at all. They all develop at different rates. If she is happy and healthy that's all that matters.
My son doesn't look at all fat, but he is also quite long for his age at 65cm. he weighed 8lb 5oz (3780g) at birth and was 53.5 cm long. He is breast fed and topped up with 150ml formula with 2-3 solid meals a day, due to him being oh soo hungry all the time. (my doctor advised me to do this).
How big was your little lady when she was born?.

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Hi Teena

I used to worry about my son's size - at 7 months he was just over 6.5 kg, he was 3.8kg at birth. People were forever commenting on how small he was and saying things like "Was he premmie?". He's now 14 months old and I haven't had him weighed since he turned one, then he was about 9kg. He's still in size 0 clothes. We had a couple of warm days last week and I got out some of his 00 shorts and t-shirts from last summer and he still fit into them - only just though smile .

Don't worry about other people's comments, I know it's hard especially when every other baby the same age seems bigger. But as you said you know she is healthy and well looked after so that's all that matters. If you are concerned see your GP or child health nurse, I'm sure they'll put your mind at ease.

All the best
My daughter at six months was 6.5kg, and yes she is small. But she is chubby, bright alert and happy. She was a good weight born, but slowed up gaining at around three months which is normal, as this is when genetics start kicking in (birthweight is more to do with conditions inside the uterus than genes). All bubs r different and grow at different rates, as long as they r alert and happy, don't worry.

At 7 months my little girl weighed 8.3kg. She was born quite small but has apparently caught up! I agree with all the other mums - don't worry about what other people say! Everybody has a different opinion and and the end of the day, if your baby is happy and healthy that's all that matters. Also, the nurse at the ECC told me that you never look at weight in isolation - it's always a combination of height and weight.


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

Hi Teenaz,

My 7mth old girl weights 8.5kg, mind you she has always been on the solid side. Whereas when my older daughter was a baby she weighed 6.5kg at 7 months. It does not matter if they look tiny etc, as long as they look healthy, eat & drink then all is fine.

Ant, Qld, 7mth baby girl, 10yr daughter

Thank you for all your wonderful replies, in the last couple of days she has started to eat more, but I know she is a happy, healthy baby so I will stop worrying about it. Once again Thank you.

Hi Teena,

My little man, Jordan is 7 months (8 on the 9th) and weigh about 8.6 kgs. I know and understand what you are saying with people always commenting on their size and you then worry about it. I do exactly the same thing. People comment on how big Jordan is but I am unsure if they mean height wise or weight wise as he is quite a long bub and I don't think he is chubby at all. But then I start comparing him to other bubs and that stresses me out.

As long as she is a happy and healthy bubby girl that is great. You sound like you are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up smile

HI there...

My son is actually 8mths old and weighs in at a hefty 12.2kg!! I am fed up with people saying how big he is.. to us he isnt big anymore just gorgeous and very healthy! If he gets sick he has his weight to fall back on.
Little babes are cute but big ones are too!


mum to 7 beautiful children from Tasmania

I just got my daughter weighed today and she is 8.6kg and 76cm. I just get told all the time about how tall she is.

Minkey 10/2/04

My little man is 7 months on the 21st. We went for his 6 month check-up yesterday. He weighs 7.8kg (bare wt) and is 69.5cm. Everyone keeps telling me how big he is but he is only average for his growth charts.
As long as our babies are happy & healthy that is all that matters.
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