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Very shy and Clingy Lock Rss

Hi need advise my daughter will be two in 2months and she is going though a VERY bad shy and clingy stage. If people come over or we go to someones home that she hasn't seen in awhile she just clings to me screams and cry's and won't let go. Even if I try to introduce them or they sit down and try to play it doesn't work. plaese help it is getting worse!!!

3 Beautiful Girls

Hi, perhaps getting involved in your local playgroup will help your little one get used to meeting faces of other little ones her size? This way, you can help gently ease her into meeting others while being by her side and playing with her, then she may get the idea that, "Hey, people aren't so bad after all!". This may take a little time as my 7 month old is clingy, but whenever we're out or we have visitors, I let people hold her and give her a cuddle while she can still see me. She's gradually getting there. After all, she has to get used to seeing people, the world is full of them!!! Good luck!!!!!

Angela, NSW

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