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Eye Squint Lock Rss

My health nurse has told me today that Bennett has a squint (his left eye turns in towards his nose)

Anyone else experienced this?

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Stephanie

One of my twins also has an eye that appears to turn in towards his nose - while seeing the Plunket Nurse the other day she commented on this and suggested that I take him to see the optomitrist(sorry no idea how to spell it!). I made an appointment and got myself all worried only to be told that his eye is fine and it is straight but due to the extra skin around the eye area it looks crocked - once babys nose has developed and he has a proper bridge then the extra skin will no longer be there and the eye should look fine. So because he has extra extra skin on one side it makes it look like that eye is turned in - if that makes sense. So I would take him and get him checked out.

Hope this helps!
Hi kica
thanks for your reply - how old are your twins? My health nurse also said that because the bridge of his nose is so wide that it could appear to look like a squint. I have an appt at the optometrist on friday will keep you posted
Steph smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy


My twins are nearly 8mths - man time flys! Good luck with the appt.
hi well my daughter who is now 16mths old has a squint it was found when she was only little and we were referred to a eye specialist and she had to wear patches on the good eye to try make the lazy one stronger she would wear them for 6 weeks once a day for 2hours and then she would have to wear them for 4 hrs a day and then it came good and not long ago it has gone really lazy again so we are off to the eye specialist again in a couple weeks to see what he says she dosent need glasses or anything just that one eye dosent do what it is meant to so thats why it turns the patches are a pain in the bum though it is so hard to keep them on and now it will be worse cause she is older anyway good luck and hope everything goes well for your lil one keep us updated seeya nat.
he doesn't have a squint - hurrah smile

Thanks everyone for your input

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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