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Cut his first tooth? Is this right?? Lock Rss

My little boy, Baxter is just over 4 months old and is teething (has been for about 2 months now). I have started to notice that it has been his 'fangs', top and bottom, that seemed to be raising. I figured they'd push up a bit and go back down, I was told they do that, but today I noticed that his top-right fang has pretty much cut through.
I was under the misconception that it was the bottom front teeth to come through first.
Has anyone else had teeth come through like this??
My dd has her two bottom teeth, but the top ones can come through first, its not all the common but it does happen smile
Thats called Cross Cutting. Ive heard it can mean some issues with teeth later in life and may make further cutting more painful. Hopefully tho its just ur little ones way of asserting his individuality :>).
Hope it all settles down for him soon. My 9 month old has just cut his top 2 and has been a misery


heya, my son cut both his bottom teeth at 4 months old. Hes top teeth came rite through but have since gone back in. It doesn't matter hugely which teeth come through first, but just keep an eye on the rest of his teeth and make sure to brush them every day. It seems silly to but it also helps for the others to cut through. smile
[Edited on 20/08/2009]
Hi, My baby boy had his top tooth next to his front teeth come through first, then he had a bottom tooth come through next and then for the next eleven days he had 4 more teeth come through. A total of 6, 4 on the top and 2 on the bottom, and all before the age of 8 months.
I was always told that the bottom teeth came through first as well, but my baby proved that wrong.
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