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Crawling! Lock Rss

I am a Mum of a nearly 8 month old (on the 9th), Jordan and he isn't remotely intrested in crawling and hates tummy time.

When I put him on his tummy he will kick his legs but gives up nearly straight away and cracks. In other areas of development he is really good.

He will stand on his legs but when I try and get him to hang onto stuff he doesn't want to stand. We are using a walker for him but he just wants to go backwards and is more interested with the stuff on the tray.

Has anybody else had a bub who was like this? When did they start to crawl or walk?
Hi Michelle,
My son is 10 months and is still not crawling. He does what we call a freestyle crawl as he'll go to one side and reach out as far as he can while pushing off, then if he hasn't reahced what he's after he goes to the other side and repeats this process until he's reched what it is he wants. he also rolld over quite quickly so whenever he tries to crawl and fails to suceeed he reverts back to rolling as he's very quick at that. For about the last week he's been pushing himself up on his hands and feet and going forward a bit but he won't lift his head so he doesn't go far.
Don't stress I had a friend whose son didn't crawl until he was 13 months but only for about a month then he walked.
Remember every baby is different and if you compare achievements with others, it makes you frustrated also.
Hope I've been of some help.

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Hi Kristy,

Thanks for that. Yeah I know all bubs are different but I suppose I was wondering what was late. I suppose cause he has either been on time for doing stuff or early I sorta thought that it would be the same for crawling. He is getting stronger and stronger on his legs so I am thinking that he may just go straight into walking?!?!?! With a first one it is hard not to stress smile Also I think that my little man may be a bit on the lazy side and knows that Mum is there to help smile

Once again thanks heaps for that it has put my mind to rest a bit more.

Hi there Michelle, i wouldnt worry to much, as you know every baby is different. My dd Tayla is 12 mths and she not crawling yet, but she finds her way of getting around. Some babys dont crawl at all, my other daughter Taniesha who is nearly 7 crawled at 5 mths and walked at 10 mths, so work that one out, they will reach there milestones when they are ready!!! just think they stop being babys when they start moving and you have watch them like hawks, make the most of it now!!!

tayla 16/08/03

Dont worry Michelle. My boy started a commando crawl at about 10 months or so and is still going at 12 months. He has just started normal crawl but only very short distances. Im not expecting him to walk any time soon either as he is quite a big baby. I think this may have something to do with it? I may be wrong?

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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Yes I know all kids are different and there is no set time for when they should be doing stuff. I was just curious if other people had bubs who were doing the same things so I knew it was nothing to worry about and seeing if anybody had suggestions on encouraging them.

And no Jordan isn't in the walker all day. He only uses it sometimes and not everyday as I encourage him to stand on his feet everyday with me helping him and is quite strong doing that.

Hi Michelle

My daughter didn't start crawling until about 8 1/2 months and before that was not interested at all. I was expecting her to start crawling a lot later.
She is now nearly 11 months and does not seem to have much of an interest in walking yet either!

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Hi Kristi,

Thanks for that. I am just curious to if there are other bubs out there that are the same as Jordan when it comes to crawling. It's good to see that he is not the only one. I just thought that he might be doing something at his age now before he crawled but I suppose he will do it in his own time or skip it! Since I have put up the post he is a bit more intrested when I try and encourage him to crawl and is wanting to pull himself up on things.

Once again thanks and good luck with number two!
My son matthew will be 10 months old on the 13th and until yesterday showed no signs of ever wanting to crawl! We would do all the recommended thing to encourage him with no luck, He seemed content to sit and watch the world go by....... Then suddening yesterday I caught him crawling! He seems very proud of himself (as are we) The only problem now is we have floor board and after all he's exploring today has little bruisers on he's knees, dont know what to do about that one? Anyway I just had to share my excitment and let you know not to worry it will happen, I never thought it would but Matthew just wanted to do it in he's know time as I'm sure your son will!

Melissa. QLD. Matthew 13/11/03 Amy 29/04/05

Hi my daughter hannah will be 10mths on the 13th.(same as matthew) and she drags herself along the floor as though shes been shot in the leg.(hahahaha) one leg she holds so stiff and straight and the other leg is bent and she pulls herself forward with her elbows and hands. smile (if we were to put army paint on her face and put her in the garden , we could make a mini movie LOL!!!!!! smile not that we would but its funny to imagine)

but on the other hand the longer she takes to start fully crawling the less chasing her i have to do. so there is a plus side for us mums for having later crawlers smile .

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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for that and Congratulations! Wow it would have been celebrations at your place and that is great that he is so proud of himself! Jordan is starting to show a bit more of an interest but nothing much but he thinks he is smart now as he is wanting to stand all the time. We are showing him that he can hold onto things and has been taking the weight well on his legs! Who knows he might skip the crawling cause it wasn't his thing!?!?!?

Once again thank you and congratulations!

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