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9 mth old not sitting or crawling yet???? Lock Rss

I have a DD who has just turned 9 mths. I am a little concerned (altho i have seen the doc) that my DD isn't sitting by herself or crawling yet.
When i sit her up between my legs she is ok for about 5 minutes but then she throws herself back and wants to lay down. She sits fine in the high chair, car and pram. I have bought a few things to help her sit up but she throws a wobbly after a little while. My 3 yr old DD sat at 6 mths and was crawling at 8 mths.
Does anyone else think she may be a bit delayed in her development or am i paranoid???
Help ease my mind please!!!!

Proud mum of Imogen and Charlotte, SA

Firstly: stop worrying!
Secondly: Don't try to compare your children's development.. every child is different and they all reach their milestones at different times and in different ways.

My DS only started crawling after his first birthday. He's 17 months old now and is still not walking by himself.
Am I worried? Not really - he'll do it in his own time and when he's good and ready!

You can't really force a child's development.. they're pretty stubborn and if they don't want to do something, they won't!

As for the sitting, we used to pop the kids up with a u pillow behind them to catch them if they toppled over. It didn't take long for them to get the hang of it..

Just keep sitting her up for as long as she wants and don't get all hung up on how long she did it for..
She'll get there!
My dd sounds exactly like yours, she is nearly 10 mths now, but only really started rolling round at 7 mths, can sit when propped (started at 8 mths) but still throws herself backwards sometimes, and has only today pushed herself up to sitting. There is still no sign of crawling. My DS sat at 6 mths, crawled at 8 mths and walked at 12 mths, so DD is way behind him so far. But i figure she will get it together eventually LOL! She is also not saying anything, whereas DS was mum mum and dad dad and up'ing by now. I am sure it will all fall into place eventually.

I know i shouldn't worry and Mum keeps telling me off for it! Good Ol' mums!! I have noticed the 3 yr old DD is getting all of her toys and giving them to 9 mth DD. So i guess she doesnt need to move to get her own toys!
I guess i've been reading too many books too!!!
Thanks for you help smile

Proud mum of Imogen and Charlotte, SA

I wouldnt worry, my son wasnt sitting or crawling at 9 months. He sat at 10-11 months, crawled at 13 months and walked at 18 months. He is now 2.5 and runs EVERYWHERE!
My daughter looks like she is following suit.

Hi I have 3 DD 2 10yr olds & a 15mth the 3 of them were all slow at sitting crawling rolling & walking my 10yr olds didn't walk til 22mths & once they found there feet there was no stopping them.My 15mth is still commando crawling & doesn't want 2 find her feet at all(she has a different father 2 the other 2)didn't sit or crawl til 12mths....I believe that she will walk when she is ready even though the paediatrician & nurse are concerned I'm not as long as she is progressing thats the main thing some kids seem 2 go little by little were others u can't slow down goodluck & I hope that has helped because I worried flat out & just got greyer lol
my 9month old isnt crawling either yet, also hates tummy time which isnt helping,
can anyone help me ease my mind or give me some advice????

my 9 month old hates tummy time and wont crawl! i was told that cos she doesnt have much tummy time it affects her ability to crawl. dont know how true this is. HELP....
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