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9months old and hates tummy time and not crawling Lock Rss

can anyone help me ease my mind or give me some advice????

my 9 month old hates tummy time and wont crawl! i was told that cos she doesnt have much tummy time it affects her ability to crawl. dont know how true this is. HELP....

Hi there!
My 9 month old still isnt crawling or sitting, my doc referred me to a physio. My daughter is lactose intolerant and whenever i put her on her tummy she'd roll right back over. The physio did say she hadnt had enough tummy time. made me feel so bad but she reassured me that she will sit soon. I have been doing some exercises that she told me to do and it seems to be working. altho she still topples over she can sit for 20 secs unaided. Lately she is getting her knees up...can they crawl before they sit??

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My baby started crawling at 8 months, he used to get up on his hands and knees alot before that and rock back and forward and one day he just started crawling. And about a week later he sat up all by himself. And has been doing it since.

Yes, sorry to say but tummy time is very important and can definitely effect their ability to crawl along with a lot or other things, strengthening the head and spinal cord muscles is also important. I have no advice except persist, and persist now while bub is still young. It's easy to give up quickly when bub is crying, so try to hack a bit of tears till bub gets used to it, do it regularly and frequently throughout the day, preferably on an empty tummy in case your bub gets reflux issues?

Also, to the person who ask if the sometimes crawl before sitting - yes, in fact they say it is far better if they start moving, (usually commando crawling) before sitting that way they will explore their environment, learning a lot, while the other bubs who sit first tend to just sit their and have to watch the others bubs move about.

I had the same thing. Although my little girl is younger (7.5 months) and still not crawling, i didnt realise that not having enough tummy time would hinder her development. I was out all the time with friends and just thought it was ok to have her in the pram. I now make sure I have 1 o 2 days at home so she gets free reign of the floor. After a week of doing that (and my persistence), she started enjoying being on the floor and I started to see major changes in her development. Also, my girl was 4weeks prem so I have to remind myself that development wise she is only 6.5 months. I have a friend at playgroup who had a prem and stresses about her development, so I keep reminding her of that too. I also have floor boards so I had to buy a soft rubber / sponge mat so it was nice on her tum. Good luck.
I guess I would be farely concerned if it was my bub and would definately go and see someone about it.
My ds was sitting at 6months crawling at 8 months and walking now.
I took him to a chiro a month ago just to check him out as I was told it was a good idea seeing they have alot of falls and stuff when reaching milestones. One good thing the chiro told me to do to help strengthen certain neck muscles was to hold bubs on theire tummy lying flat with your arm under their torso. This way they have no choice but to hold up their heads. and as i said it helps to strengthen muscles and the nevers around the neck and spine.
i agree with Anna i wouldnt be too concerned yet, DD was 9 months old before she rolled, 11 months old when she crawled and 13 months when she walked. every bubba is diff and will get going when theyre ready smile
i have the same baby girl is 7 months and she does sit up but hates been on her tummy she screams and have to sit her up again...shes happy to play while sitting but doesnt care to crawl..she will throw herself forward to grab a toy but when she ends up on her tummy he crys again..


Tummy time is important. It builds muscle strength and control and also counters the time spent on their backs for sleeping. My baby didn't like it much in the early stages and would only turn his head in one direction. Two visits to a chiropractor (specialising in babies) when he was 3 months old, and not only did he start to enjoy it, he immediately started lifting his torso up, looking around and rolling over! I was sceptical at first but the difference was astounding! Their shoulders and necks can be out of alignment or painful from the birth, which makes tummy time unpleasant. In my experience it is definitely worth getting Bub checked out just in case. (Having said that, all babies reach their development stages at different times so don't panic if it takes a bit of time.)
EVERY child is different and don't forget that!!! My DD was almost 11mths when she started to crawl and hated tummy time more than anything!! I was worried because people kept telling me that "in the book I read", or "I was told that" who cares what other people think!! Your child might be more developed in other areas such as my DD. It is very frustrating when people start telling you what your baby should or shouldn't be doing at this time. When your baby is ready they will just get going in their own way and time.

Keep your chin up and don't stress as its wasted energy smile

Hi. Try not to stress too much. My two seem to be trying things at the younger end of the scale, but it's not uncommon for bubs to not crawl closer to 12 months, if at all.

Dd1 wasn't keen on tummy time and would do a little spew, but once I realised it helped her wind I got over it. lol. We did alot tummy time with dh or myself lying back in the recliner and the babies lying on our chests. Some find that more comfortable. Also a physio showed me to prop dd1 on her forearms which seems to take pressure of their tummies but builds strength. Dd2 is 4 and a bit months, just started rolling back to front, and saw another baby crawl so has being trying to do that. She has along way to go now but is driving me nuts in that everytime I put her on the floor she rolls over and then gets cranky. She has had a lot of tummy floor time because we dd1 is 3. Enough said lol. I am also a great believer in them playing on the floor. My mum always says they can't fall of the floor.

I've found you can make them do things before they're ready, but was they're ready you can stop them. Also you dd might not crawl but core strength is important which is why chest tummy time can help.

Good luck
my son is 9 months old and can roll and sit he has been sitting up by himself for a long time, he can also stand holding onto something, but he has always hated tummy time and now he's learned rolling, every time i put him on his tummy he just rolls to his back, showing no interest in crawling - it seems to me he just wants to get up and walk and skip crawling altogether ! hehe.

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