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Development of Big Babies` Lock Rss

My Son is 4months and 4 weeks old and at his 4month check up he was 10.1kgs! He was 9lb 15oz when he was born!

Im just curious to know what kind of development other big babies have!

He has only rolled over once on his own, He loves to stand, he holds his sippy cup on his own and has been trying to hold his bottle too.. He says da da da da and loves to giggles and squeal!

We have been on solids now for just over a week and he seems to be taking to it well. and we are teething but no teeth yet but close!

Ive had alot of people tell me he is developing very quick so Im curious to know about other big babies development!

Hi, my DS is 6mth now and weighs 10.7kg and is 73cm long. At 4mth he weighed 9.4kg and was 67cm long. (He was 4.2kg/9lbs 4oz when he was born)
He isn't rolling yet but I think we're really close. Now at 6mths he's getting better at sitting but still a work in progress there. He loves to stand too.
I introduced solids at 5mths but he's not keen on them, and I really thought that being a big baby he would gulp them down, but that's not the case at all. He'll have a few spoonfuls and then that's it. I'm b/feeding (4 x day) so have introduced a sippy cup which he's getting used to, although tends to spit the water out!
He got his first tooth at 5mths, and the second followed within a few days.
He never used to like tummy-time but is a lot more tolerant of that now, and is able to stay on his tummy for a good 10mins and more now.
He has said 'mum, mum, mum' but no 'dad, dad, dad' yet (ha ha). He has a funny sense of humour already, knows when we're joking around with him, laughs real belly laughs!
I'm actually expecting his development to be a little slower seeing as he is a bigger baby and he has a lot more to move around, but I'm not worried, he'll get there in his own time.
And the best bit of all, he sleeps from 7pm to 7am (or there abouts) which mummy loves! He really responded to me following a routine (roughly follow the Save our Sleep routine, and it's worked a treat. He has two good day sleeps and a nap in the afternoon.
So that's us!

My little man is 6 1/2 mths and 9.6kg and 71cm long. He has been slow with gross motor (as in rolling and sitting etc) which is not unusual for big bubs. but his talking and fine motor (as in holding cup, pincer grip and transferring things between hands) are ahead.He can roll, says da da, ma ma na na and roars(thanks to my husband:) ) has two teeth and can hold a sipper cup, though he likes drinking from a normal mount franklin bottle. Each baby is diff. your bub sounds pretty early with things but thats great, better than having to stress that hes not doing things.
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