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Nurafen and teething Lock Rss

Hey all...

This may be old news to some of you.. but I learnt yesterday that when a bubs is cutting her tooth that panadol is only good if there is a fever involved.

Nurafen on the other hand contains anti-inflammatories (which panadol doesnt) to reduce any swelling there and is the most effective option. You can if need be use the both together.

My bubs would not drink at all yesterday and would scream if anything came in contact with her gums , I used Panadola and bonjella to no effect what so ever. We ended up syringe feeding her which was a nightmare to do!

After 2 lots of Nurafen she is back on the bottle and happy as anything.

Just thought it may be useful info to mums who are new to the teething.
i second that nurofen is also lasts longer than panadol and tastes ds kicks up a fuss wen i give panadol but will happily suck the nurofen from the syringe.gosh that sounds bad.
Thank you so much for the information, great timing actually. I'm going to have a long hard chat with my Chemist and GP - especially with DD's double teeth starting to move and cause havok. I did find panadol worked within about 15 minutes - in that it stops any aches, in particular jaw ache. I stopped using bonjella a few months back as found it doesn't really make a difference these days (it did in the beginning).

Do you have any other things that helps your bub deal with teething, other than teething rusks / teething rings? I can't really use ice blocks or wet/frozen flannels anymore as its getting so cold. I'm finding she is a lot more difficult now, a bigger sook (like her Daddy - lol).

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi, sorry that your little ones are going through a horrid time regarding teething. I hope that this information helps a little also, but reading the posts sounds like you have the pain relief sorted for your little ones...

If you are planning to take nurofen (ibuprofen) yourselves for a headache, muscle ache etc... AND are breast feeding ONLY take it if your baby is 6 months or older as it is a drug which is transferred via breast milk to your baby. It is therefore NOT recommended for your little babies to take Nurofen before they are 6 months old and is the reason why they chemists won't sell it to you and ask how old your baby is and if you are breast feeding them or not (and yes, nurofen needs to be taken on a tummy with something in it - side effects can include upset tummy, nausea, unlike panadol which can be taken on an empty stomach).

Panadol (paracetomol) however is recommended provided your baby is at least one month old. No doubt not everyone finds that panadol works as well as nurofen however, you need to do what iyou feel is safe for your baby and what is medically recommended also.

Bonjella is not recommended for babies who are under 4 months old as it contains asprin.

If all else fails, you can try giving your babies some icechips wrapped up in a thin clean material, eg t-shirt, tea towel etc.. for your baby to chew on. Not only will it help numb the pain for a while, they will also get some sips of fluid inadvertantly also.

I hope that this helps and remember, the teething pain won't be forever!

I have always use pandol but lately Jaye has been having awful teething problems and always in pain and what ever I did or try it didnt do anything for her or us and we werent sleeping good at all but than I decided I have to give nurafen ago for peace of mind and I have to say its fantastic and it helps so much and give us a break but I hope she sleeps good at night. Fingers cross.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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