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how much does your 9 month old weigh?? Rss

DD is only 8kg. She is so tiny, does anyone else have tiny bubs
Hi my boy is 9 months this Friday so will be getting him weighed then. He is a little boy but tends to weigh okay as he is long and lean. I do get sick of people commenting on his leanness but what can you do they are who they are. He has been crawling since 4 1/2 months so he burns off everything he eats - which is heaps. He eats more than another boy in our coffee group who is huge - maybe it is genetics my DH was a long lean baby as well. The good thing is he looks darn fine in his threads cause he actually fits his age group although I need adjustable waists all the time.

ONLY 8kg? LOL Alex didn't hit 8kg until he was 15 months! hehehehehehehe At 9 months I reckon he was about 6kg...I reckon 'tiny' has its advantages anyway. smile]

I think it is too 'easy' to get hung up on how much they weigh and ignore what is in front of you........if they are happy and meeting milestones and eating and gaining something then I'd stop worrying about how 'big' or 'little' they are. At this age they generally slow down in the weight gain stakes anyway; I know you've weaned her now but a bf baby only gains an average of 50-113gm a week at her age which is way down from the average 155-241gms a week as a newborn.

Ooh and different scales give different readings. LOL I take him to Briscoes now and pop him on their digital scales (avoid Plunket like the plague), he's about 12.5kg now and he's just turned 2....though one of them gave me a 13.6kg reading. I've found that my toddlers put on weight just fine, for some as yet unknown reason, but my babies don't.

[Edited on 13/10/2009]

My nearly 2 year old has just hit 9kgs! So there are plenty of littlies out there.
My 9 month old is around 9kg, she's a chubber smile
my 9 month old, almost ten, is 11.5 kgs. Yes, my arms get quite tired!

Happy Mummy

its funny the different weight ranges with babies! my son is 9 1/2 months and was 12 kilo's a month ago. he'd probably be about 13 now!

Hey, my 8 month old is 7.5kgs! i love it cos shes a little baby for longer! her 9 month old cousin is 15kg!!!!
hey my 8.5 month old is 11kgs

My 8 month DD is 7.3kgs, she's a little pettite bubba and is 70.5cm long.
I was once really hung up on her being so small but now I've learnt to ignore the charts and nurse's comments - she is a very happy little girl and developing just nicely so that's all that matters to me!

hey my 9 month old weighs exactly 9 kg.. he reached 8 kg really quickly but took ages to put on that next kg.
i weighed my daughter a couple of weeks ago and she was 11.2kg, but shes 83cm long, so a very big girl. i cant use front slings any longer as she doesnt fit them!! ive had to progress to a backpack as im just not strong enough to carry her for extended periods of time!

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