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won't crawl but..... Lock Rss

my 8 mnth old daughter won't crawl but she'll walk in her walker. i can't believe the speed she can get up too in that thing. she move's around on the floor. she's not a big baby. is this normal?????

jaya muma,

My 7.5 months wont crawl (Hands and knee and rocks done this about two months now) but loves to stand up hanging on to the coffee table, lounge and fingers. Today he took a few steps and fell down from the coffee table. Tims uncle walked before he crawled. I think Timothy might be the same. Don't know if this helped you at all.

DS 13months

my son was the same as your daughter so i wouldn't worry. he was walking in his walker a couple of months before he started crawling. Lachlan was the same, i couldn't believe how quickly he could move in it. He loved it.

2 yrs

Hey youre not alone! My 9mnth boy is soo not interested in crawling, will go on his tum and wriggle for a while then wail! He just goes beserko when we put him in the walker!! Loves it! He runs up and down the hall way with us playing hide and seek, squealing and giggling and bangin into the doors and walls!! My child might not be crawling but he is a happy well adjusted baby!
My Plunket nurse visited the other day and said hes doing great! Absolutley no problem that hes not crawling so that made me happy!
On the other hand theres a little girl in our playgroup the same age and shes nearly walking! Shes been crawling since just after 5mnths! Wow!
Babies are all so different and do things in thier time and nobody elses so just enjoy the fact that your house is still relatively safe from little fingers! We call our son a 'cheeky little vandal' when hes in the walker, so God help us when he crawls! Ahhh!

Keep Smiling! Jes:)

Jes, NZ, Noah 10mnths

Hi jauamuma its amazing how fast they can go in a walker and I bet she has a HUGE smile on her face when she is in the walker my daughter didnt have a walker but we had her cousins walker and she did use it and had fun but she like crawling better and its so cute when they a in the walker and my daughter isnt that big either

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

All babies have different abilities at different times. She sounds fine to me she is obviously very active. she should start crawling by 10 months. Try encouragement if you are worried with taylah i used a ice block i sat a meter away and she wiggled and stuff and by the hour she was crawling with jake i did the same thing but used his dummy it worked for me use something that you now she loves or even something she has never seen before it will grab her attention. Good luck chicky

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

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