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Jolly Jumper Lock Rss

Hi I just wanted to share with every one that Tahlia went in her jolly jumper for the first time tonight she is almost 5 months old and she loved it.
She is starting to cut teeth I think so she was sooking all day so i got thejolly jumper out and she loved it. I was unsure on using it but now im going to give her same time in it each day to make her legs stronger just like tummy time

I put my almost 6 mth old daughter in it the other day for the 1st time and she thought it was great also! I have heard all the negatives but I thought as long as i am there with her and she is only in it for short spurts then it is worth the enjoyment she gets out of it.

She hasnt quite worked out to jump but does this one legged jig which is quite cute and has the same sort of effect... smile
hi my now almost 4 month old DD was in her jolly jumper at just over 8 weeks and has loved it from the first time i put her in it. She is a very active baby and hard to keep amused.
Hi Guys
my 5mth old DS also loves the jolly jumper but just wondering if you guys use a stand or have it on a door frame? Just that our door frames are pretty narrow and he keeps bumping himself but the frames are over $100.

Julie, SA, mum to Thomas born 21/11/05

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