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baby DOB 09/11/05 Lock Rss

Hi every one my daughter is almost 6 months old and wont sit up on own dosent say any words but rolls every where and gets up on all fours and is getting first tooth like to hear from all with bubs same age

Hayley 27/10/00, Daniel 17/11/03, Emily 09/11/05

My bubs born 3/11. She cant sit supported with pillows or a hands on her waist but cant sit by herself. I was given a development chart by the CHN and it says they should be able to sit unsupported by 9mths - so we have plenty of time to master that one.

As for talking - she babbles alot but cant understand any of it and she squels, laughs & blows rasberriesalot also.. LOL
Again the chart says 12 mths for 2-3 words.

My DD has just started cutting her 2nd tooth the last couple of days and got her 1st tooth only 3 weeks ago. How is she going with it?

DD has no interest to get on her hands and knees! When on tummy she will lift her chest up on her arms and try to move her legs.. but hasnt got any of it co-ordinated yet to go anywhere. I think she will be a commando crawler.

On the chart it says that bubs should be:
Prone: Lifts chest on extended arms. Spontaneously lifts head when supine. Transfers objects between hands. Picks up wooden block in palmar grasp. Turns toward soft sound at 1mt above and below ear level. Laughs, squeals & chuckles. May imitate cough. Fear of strangers.

Sounds like u have a perfectly normal baby.. just like mine!

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