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Teething 1 year old Lock Rss

Does any one find that teething for an older bub, is any worse? I am fairly confident DD is cutting some more teeth and maybe a double tooth or two moving. Its very hard to know as almost impossible to get a look or even feel her gums. I am finding she will grab at her gum and scream, especially of an evening when she is obviously less tollerant.

I suppose I just wondered if maybe they are more sensitive as more aware of whats going on.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Kazi,

My 1 year old is just breaking through his 7th tooth!
So far it seems like he has been doing nothing other than teething!
When his first ones came through I didnt actually even notice that they'd came through but his teeth now have been upsetting him. He was chewing cardboard boxes, hands, toys, ME anything and everything!

They tend to hurt him more at night. I dont know but I just figured that during the day he doesnt notice as much because he is distracted by other things but at night everything stops. I find bonjella to be useless.
Does anyone have any good suggestions?
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