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8 mth old routine Lock Rss

hi all, i am wondering what u 8 mth old is doin and their routine?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hey ashtonsmum,
This is the basic routine Jeb has been on roughly since he was about 7 months...
7am -wake
7:30 am - 250ml bottle
8:45am - solids
10am - sleep
11:30am - wake
12:30pm - 250ml bottle
1:45pm - solids
3pm - sleep
4:30pm - wake
5:30pm - solids
6pm - bath
6:45pm - 250ml bottle
7:15pm - bed
I've just swapped his lunch and bottle around now and will probably do the same with breaky too soon. Hope this helps smile
Hi Kirsty,

Catherine now has 2 teeth and one on the way and almost crawling. She was taking a 2hr AM nap but that has eased off a bit now i think due to teething. Her PM nap has been a bit off lately but i think we have this under control again. So her day looks like this:

6.30am - Wake
7am - Up play
7.30am - Cereal and fruit mixed with cows milk and 50mls of milk in a cup
8.30am - Bottle 150mls
9.45am - Sleep 1.5-2hrs
12.30am - Tub of yoghurt and just started giving half a sandwich and 50mls of milk in a cup
1.30pm - Bottle 100mls (this one is starting to decrease)
2.15/30pm - Nap 1-1.5hrs
5.30pm - Bath
6pm - Dinner usually what we are having 50mls of milk in a cup
6.45pm - Bottle 150mls
7.15pm - Bed for the night

How is Dylan going?

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

Hi Ashtonsmum,

Nina is 8 months tomorrow, and her routine is a bit up in the air at the moment as she's been crawling for a few weeks and has started pulling up to stand last week too, so she's too excited to sleep (plus I think she might finally be getting a tooth), but her day looks something like this:

5.30am Wakes, b/f, play, more b/f (just starting solids for breakfast now, it's been a bit slow as she's not all that interested in it, prefers the boob)

8.30ish - sleep

10ish - wakes, b/f, play, go for walk if I can be bothered, solids at 12pm-ish, play some more

1.30pm start grizzling and being tired but refuse to go to sleep for at least another hour, more b/f

2.30ish - sleep

3.30ish wakes, b/f, play, solids at 5.30, bath at 6ish.

7pm - stories, final b/f, bed, cross fingers she'll sleep through!

It's interesting seeing the different days people have!

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