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Hi there, I was reading a magazine the other day and saw an ad for kinder musik ( as a class for babies of all ages. Has anyone tried or heard of it and if so what did you think/hear?


Lou, Emily and Baby Caleb

Hey There

How old is your bub? I am actually a music teacher so I can honestly say it depends on the teacher..... Music is good for everyone so it can't hurt... I'll ask arond for you and see what all my other teacher friends think. If you want to email me... try on


Jilly, Qld, Mum to Amy 14/12/05 & Rebecca 20/7/07

i haven't heard of it but im a actually qualified in child development and music is great for children and they learn lots through it. so i must agree with the other music teacher who commented above, it does all depend on teh teacher.
all the best
sory i couldn't be of more help.

Danni, WA,


Sorry if I am a bit late but just found your forum. We actually attend Kindermusik and have done so since Sienna was only about 5 weeks old. It is great to spend an hour with bub without the distractions of home. Our teacher said that regardless of bubs age music is the only thing that engages both sides of the brain??? It is really good for their speech and rhythm. Although I think it is quite expensive (in our area $10 per class plus you must buy the materials which are $55 per term). The materials in Sienna age group includes a book to read to them, journal with activities to do each week, posters and cd. Kindermusik believe that the parents are the best teachers so strongly encourage parents to do their activities each week. The theme changes every term. Last term we did 'Dream Pillow' which focused on lullabies etc. Many you would know and many more you wouldn't including German folksongs etc. This term it is 'Cock a doodle Moo' which focuses on farms and animals so is more lively. We dance, sing, do lap bounces with bub, massage bubs, do arm & leg exercises on bubs and catch up with other mum's. They bring out drums, shakers, balls and other instruments for the children to play with. Also they bring out brightly coloured material. The format remains the same each week however the songs we do it all to changes from week to week as do the dances. The good thing about Kindermusik is they separate children sessions based on age. We attend the birth-18months class. The next class up I think is 19 months - 3yrs. I can't wait for the next age group (bit of a wait as Sienna is only 4 1/2 months old) as included in the materials is also an instrument - plus it is a lot more active with dances due to the increased level of activity of the children. The classes are a lot more personalised (max of 12 children but the most I have seen is 8 children) and I think a great investment. Perhaps find out where the local class is and ask if you can go along and watch or just do one class to see what you think as alot would depend on the teacher's ability. It is priceless to see the look on all the children's faces when the opening song welcomes them individually and we sing their name. Also because of the range of ages it is great for Sienna to see the older children who are still under 18months but a bit more active and vocal compared to her. All I can say it is works for Sienna and I. We also do local music classes called 'Mainly Music' which is ran by volunteers from the Salvos. It is only $3 per session and includes yummy morning tea for the kids and adults. However there are alot more children (say average 30 kids per session - sometimes more as no limit) from bubs like Sienna right up to kid's who will be going to school next year. Great value but not as personalised as Kindermusik and more beneficial for the over 1yr olds in my opinion. Perhaps if interested look around to see if there is something like this is your area. I hope all of this information helps and doesn't confuse you. I guess just find what works for you, your child and your purse!!!
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