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20 weeks old today Lock Rss

My baby is 20 weeks old today!

Development wise....

- Rolling over occasionally
- Trying to push himself up to sit up when he is in his bouncer
- Dribbling a lot (but can't see any teeth)
- Everything gets discovered in his mouth

What he loves...

- Watching film clips on Sat am's
- Being outdoors
- Travelling in pram


- Waking once for a feed, but sometimes not
- Waking once for a dummy, but sometimes not
- Takes 3 naps a day
- Bed time is 7:15 and is awake generally around 6-6:30




After problems with reflux my baby is on thickened formula after 18 weeks of breast feeding. He is doing well now on the thickened formula. He has 5 bottles a day at 150-200ml's and sometimes a night feed of 100. I am starting him on solids in a few weeks smile

I hope others would like to share.... enjoy your day.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

hi my little boy is 19 weeks tomorrow!
He too is rolling,pushing himself up, lots of dribble but no teeth, and yep everything in his mouth ( his favorites are his hands).
He loves watching tv too he loves the colours and movement i think although he doesnt see it too often, i work from home so its not on much!,He loves being outside, but doesnt like it in his pram so much!
Sleeping: not great but getting better: he has 3 sleeps a day, wakes every night between 4 - 4.30am for a feed, and up several other times chasing the dreeded dummy.
He is 7.3kgs and 68 cm,my little fella is on the thickened formula as well after huge problems with reflux, he usually has between 180 - 200mls per feed at 5 bottles a day, and we started him on solids and he is having 2 a day.
Thanks for sharing its good to know we are around the same with our little boys!

pam,nsw, 13 months and 4 yo

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