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Baby's length Lock Rss

Does anyone know where I can find a chart that has baby's length? In WA we were given a purple book that has weight and age, but no length.

Mum to Brianna born 24 November 2005

I have one, but not one I can email!!

Going from your details in your other post, at 19 weeks and 66cm your baby is in the 75 percentile.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

If you just go on google or whatever search engine you prefer, and look for 'Baby growth charts' heaps will appear!
If you let me know the age and length I can tell you what my chart says...


Jen and 13mth Harvey


STOP PRESS. The World Health Organisation (WHO) Yesterday released new growth charts!!! These charts should replace any that you have in your child health centre books. The new charts are based on breastfed infants yaaayy!! has more information plus a link to the WHO website.

Actually, here is the link to the actual charts index (there a few of them now!) and to the general information on Growth Charts on the WHo website
Australian Breastfeeding Association

Mum to Brianna born 24 November 2005

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