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Babies sitting on knees? Lock Rss

Our little girl has started sitting (1-2 weeks ago) and it's not normal sitting, but sitting on her knees, well, kinda, is like if you sit on your knees and move them to either side of your bum if you get what I mean? So her bum is on the floor but her legs are either side of it..

Sorry if it's confusing lol, just wondering if any other babies do this?

I wouldn't worry about it- my 9mth old daughter does the same thing.
My first baby started walking on her knees at 10 mths after crawling from 6 mths, the peadiatrician told me it is very unusual and I should see a phsyio for further investigation. Anyway, at 15 mths she just stood up and walked and that was it! Caused me a lot of unecessary worry...
I think they all develop differently and unless you really think this is a problem I wouldn't worry about it, she will change so quickly and I bet it looks really cute!!!
i used to always sit like that as a child now i have problems with my knees and feet from sitting like that, as long as its not a prelonged thing its fine all my kids have sat like that at one stage or other..

Yeah, it looks absolutely adorable!
She isn't doing it near as much now though as she is sitting mainly on her bum now smile Is quite amazing as she now can sit in the bath alone! So cute! She loves her independence!

i was told not to allow my 18 month old to do it because she had loose hip joints from being a breech baby....

personal choice i guess.

her physiotherapist called it W ot M sitting because if you look from over the top of your child that is the shape their legs and body create... how cute...

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