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baby walkers Lock Rss

Just wanting to get other peoples opions on baby walkers. I have been given one by a friend but have heard that they are not good for bubs?
If you use them as per the directions, you can't go too wrong. Personally, I wont use one with my kid(s) - just don't like them and don't really need to use one. The main issue with walkers is other siblings causing injuries (pushing, tipping etc). One other common injury is kids getting caught up in things hanging like blind cords etc.

Lots of parents love them and their babies seem to enjoy them. There is some benefits other than your baby being entertained, such as them being secured into the walker, ie, not rolling/crawling around and getting upto no good - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

The walkers that you can purchase now have these white square blocks on them which stop them from tipping.

I dont have one myself yet but also am looking at them and think that as long as they are adjusted correctly and supervised while in them that it should be ok.

My friend has used one for both her children and they walked at 9mths so I dont see it as stunting their development if used correctly.
why put them in a walker! They're gunna get into everything! WHich they do enough of when they are crawling....or just lying there! lol
If bubs were meant to walking at the age some people put them in walkers then they would be..wouldnt they!
Putting bubs in a walker is just creating more for u too do and more running around!
I think they are a silly invention and definately a waste of money (sorry highly opionated)
If u choose to put them in one, I would watch them very closely!
How is everyone anyways!

2 more sleeps

baby walkers are simple........they stunt their development. i am a qualifed child care worker, NA and qualified in child development.
my bub is 9months old, i have never used one and would never use one.
then again it comes down to personal choice in away.
but my opinion would be definetly not.


Danni, WA,

i dont like them personally i never used it and both my children were walking at 10 months old. i think they can be dangerous. everyone to there own i think everyone has different opinions and only you can judge what is right for your child you do what you think is best

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

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