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My boy won't roll!! Lock Rss

My little girl is now 5 mths old and is starting to move around a little but isn't rolling. Don't let your health nurse fill you with fear saying he needs to roll now. I have two others and with my second she didn't have as much tummy time etc as the first and she ended up crawling at the same time anyway so don't worry to much when they do do it you'll be hoping they were little again.

Ngari 25, mother of 3

It's so reassuring to hear other mums whose babies aren't rolling. Bailey is 8 mths now and won't roll, I think his almost ready to crawl, but not yet. I loved reading the other stories and have found they are so simialr to our situation.
I was worried about him, and even have the phone number of the developmental physio in our area, but i'll wait a bit longer and see how he goes.

Mandy, Orange, NSW, 10 mths boy.

My son rolled over at 5 mths old and my daughter rolled front to back at 6 mths and back to belly at 7.5 mths.
Every baby is different and my paediatrician said at her 6 mth check up that if she hadn't rolled over by nine mths then she'd have to see a physio.
You've still got a few mths before you need to worry. Maybe you should be seeing a different clinic sister if this one is freaking you out unnessecarily.
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