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Baby Wave Lock Rss

Hi everyone
Just thought that I would share this really cute story,
My friend and I were catching up over lunch the other day and my DS was sat in his pram, he had just finished his bottle so I decided to sit him on my knee. Across from us sat another mother and her daughter, My soon has just recently learnt how to wave (uses his whole arm quite amusing!) so he waved to the little girl across the way AND she wave back!!! It was sooooooo very cute, I even spent the next 5 - 10 mins talking to other mother just about our little ones - the rest of my day was fantastic- I had a very warm feeling in my heart.

Thanks and if you have a cute story would love to hear it too!

Rachel, QLD mum of Zaki 21 months

That is so cute. Kids definatly bring mothers together.... DS is very clever, he must have wanted to flirt with her. Watch out he is starting young! Just joking smile

Your story has put a smile on my face, it is so sweet thanks for sharing

Michelle, Mackay, 4yrs & 11mths

Hi rb,

Thats absolutely gorgeous, my DD also waves at everything and anything, we did our grocery shopping this morning and whilst i was loading it into the car, DD was still sitting in the trolley waving at all the cars going past us in the carpark, i was really supurised at all the 'toots' we got.

This also left a really warm feeling in my heart, its the little things like that, that make me love her more and more everyday.

Thanks for starting this thread and sharing you cute story.
oh rb that is so beautiful
my bubs is 6 months and the other day i was in a cafe and a lady bought her 9 months old boy over to see Lillie(i didnt even knoe her)
he toched lillie's tummy and she laughed at him
(she has the funniest laugh like a billy goat),and this made the little boy laugh,they just kept smiling at eachother it was sooo cute

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Soooooooooooo Cute babys are so adorable with the things they do they touch your hearts everyday

Selene, NSW, JAKE 3 TAYLAH 1

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