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weights of kids. Lock Rss

I just weighed all 3 of my kids and these are their details.

DD whom is 12mths old weighs 8.8kg and is 69cm long.
DS#2 who is nearly 3 is 13.5kg.and is about 95cm tall
DS#1 whom is nearly 6 weighes 19.3kg and is 113cm..

was just wanting to know if ur kids whom are around the same ages what is their weight and height. PS i am not concerned with any of their weights or heights.. just curious..

My big little man is 12 motnhs old.

Weight: 12.70 kilo's
Length: 78 cm

He's been a big boy since a month old. was born weighing 7lb 8oz.

DS2 = 27 months 12.5ishkg and 90ish cm (according to scales at Briscoes as we don't have scales at home)

DS2 = nearly 6.5 23ish kg (haven't weighed him in AGES) and 124cm

DS1 started out on the 'small' side at 3.2kg and was slow to gain weight and is now on the 'higher' end of the scale for height and weight.

DS2, well he started out 'bigger' at 3.9kg BUT like his brother was 'poor' to gain weight according to everyone but us. LOL He put on 4.5kg in 9 months between 15-24 months (he only hit 8kg at 15 months), though he's stayed a bit short. hehehehehehehe He is 'average' on the charts.......that I don't pay much attention to or take much stock in. LOL

My only child is 5 and a half months old, weighs 9kg and is 71cm.
My 3 year old (4 in March) is 105cm tall and 16.5kg and my 1 year old... is a mystery... tried to get her weighed at her immunisations yesterday but their scale only went to 10kg so she's over that and I guestimate around 75cm.
My little one who happens to be 15 months, weighed 9 kgs at her last weigh in (which was 3 weeks ago)
And she was 76cms tall then

my 12 month old son weighs 12 kg and is 82 cm long. He was 4.3kg born, but was sick for a couple of months losing about a kilo, of which he has since gained, he is a big boy!

I have 3 kids 2 girls and one boy and they are

oldest weight 16kgs age 4
second weight 12.4kgs age 2 and a half
last weight 8kgs age almost 6 months

This was the last time I weight them all a couple of months ago.


my daughter is just under 11mths old and is 82cm tall and weighed 11.35kg around 3 weeks ago.
[Edited on 08/02/2010]

wow its cool to see how babies vary... its so good having a small petite girl after two boys lol..shes 13mths and is still under 9kg. yet eats like a horse, im happy that shes so small. good value out of all her clothing..shes just really now gone into her 3-6mth old outfits still fits in her 0-3mth old bodysuits though...

My son is 3 months old and weighs 7.5kg at last weigh in and is about 66cms long. Hes going to be tall!
My little man is 9 months and is 7.4kg, and I can't remember how long he is - but he is very long!

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