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4 teeth at once arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh Lock Rss

Hi, just wanted to have a whinge! LOL
Max is getting four of his top teeth all at once and it is so much fun NOT!
He has been waking at night once or twice for the last 4 weeks, am seriously over it!
Am wondering if he will go back to sleeping through when these teeth stop bothering him? I hope so!
Poor little bugger not much I can do really.
If anyone has any ideas on how to help him out they would be greatly appreciated.

mum to two gorgeous guys


My DD got her top 4 teeth all at the same time too. It is not too much fun, but I don't think I really copped it that bad.

To answer your question, yes they do go back to normal sleeping once they are over it!

Do you give him baby panadol before bed? I use Bonjela too. Also I get a facewasher, wet it, put it in the freezer for a little bit and Nina sucks away happily. Also, a peeled/washed, fat carrot that has been in the fridge is good!
Vanessa... Get the Nurafen into him. It works wonders. You can also get SM33 gel which is like bonjella but contains an anethestic to numb his poor gumbs
Lillis is to getting 2 bottom teeth and all her tops ones are ready as well.she too has been unsettled for 4 1/2 weeks,its a real blow to the head and its so hard to help them.lillie was 6 months old today and we didnt have much fun at all
oh the joys of teething

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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