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other 15mth olds not walking?? Lock Rss

anyone else with a 15mth old (or older) not walking? Are you concerned yet... I dont think I am but if goes on for too much longer maybe I will become worried. Ruby is 15mths in a few days and still wont walk by herself, she will walk holding 1 finger of anyone that will help her, will walk with her push toys and can stand up by herself, pushing of the ground and using her leg muscles so I think she has the strength and ability just that maybe now she has gotten older and smarter she is scared?? just wanted to know she's not the only one!

DD#1- 2004, DD#2 -2006, DD#3 -23/10/08.

Try not to stress too much. My DS1 didn't walk until he was 16 months old. Your DD sounds like she's almost there - she just needs to pluck up the courage to let go LOL!!

It will be interesting to see if DS2 walks any earlier -not that I wont it to happen. Time flies by too quickly LOL!

DS1 walked 'late' at 13 months, well the last of all his friends at the time. LOL

DS2 walked at 19 months, though he'd been cruising furniture etc for alot longer than that.....I reckon it's just a confidence thing. Plus he had a million people getting stuff for him so he didn't 'need' to walk anywhere. hehehehehehe I was never worried, though it was usually the FIRST question I got asked when people saw us. He just did it one day when no one was actively watching, then promptly sat his bottom down when he realised we'd noticed. LOL He was running within a week and hardly ever fell over so I reckon he did it when he was confident in his ability to do it and even now he's 2 he still crawls heaps.

My neighbours bub crawled late and did not walk until 17-18 months. I wouldn't worry until 18-20 months but it sounds it is not far off anyway smile

My nephew is 15mths and isnt walking yet, I didnt walk until I was 18mths and there is nothing wrong with either of us. Im sure your bub is just fine and will do it in her own time.

I was in the same boat but my son started walking 2 weeks ago, he is now 16 months. So it will happen! smile

Mum of 1 in North Brisbane

My daughter is 19mths old and seems too lazy or doesn't want to walk.
She started walking unaided last week and was doing it for a couple of days and now she has gone back to crawling. She won't even put her feet on the floor when we try to hold her by the hands. She is capable of walking I just don't understand why she won't. She has no trouble jumping up and down on the bed though..
Sounds like your daughter is making great progress... as everyone has mentioned, all little ones walk independantly at different ages.

I think you'll find the 1 finger hold, is about the last step before she starts having a go on her own. She'll do it when she feels ready.

i would of loved it if one od my kids walked then they were all early. dont worry she will walk when she is ready and she will suprise you and just get up and do it one day..

hi there, my daughter walked at 17 months n yes we were soooo worried. but thankfully alls well. she is now running around keeping us on our feet. so relax n let ur baby take its own time.
DD1 walked at 17 months and DD2 walked at 18 months.. she could walk before then but would just not let go of whatever it was she was holding as she was to scared. So in the end I got some of those christmas decoration beads out and i wrapped the middle around her waist and up under her arms and then i held onto the ends and supported her that way. Then i would encourage her to walk and as she was walking i'd slowly let go. After a couple of days she was walking on her own.

DS is 18 months old and still not walking, he does stand unaided and when he thinks we aren't looking he will take a few steps, I know he could do it, but we think it's just the confidence.
I took him for his 18 month needle today and the DR asked if he was walking I said no so he checked his feet ankles and legs, I also told him what he does at home and he said he is fine...but I already knew that.

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