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terrible professional photos?? Lock Rss

as part of my chemist baby club we recieved a free phot this month
i took Lillie last friday all excited.
it was sooo awful!!!
for starters the photographer had this awful navy crushed velvet backdrop which clashed with every bub clothes,he was rude and took 2 photos then said "next"
instead of getting me to get her to smile he blew on her face causing her to close her eyes and frown!!
god what an awful experience,i should have guessed as it was a freebie
xxxxx not sure what the photo will look like ,,,will let you all know

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Oh what a let down sad !

Our first baby photo shoot was the complete oppisite, I wasn't too fussed about getting professional shots done as I am snap happy myself, but a lady approached us in Myers (as they do) and told us to come straight up as there was a vacancy. It turned out that the photographer was the same girl that did my photos when I was pregnant, and she is great! Great photographer and great with babies, And DS was on fire - smiles all round, holding props, striking poses (as much as possible for a 7 month old tongue ). It was such a lovely time I can't wait to see the finished photos!

Its a shame your experience was not as nice - But your right with the freebie comment - you really do pay for what you get these days. I am sure you have plenty of fanastic photos already anyway, and you can never have too many piccies smile

Hey Mimmy,

Tell the chemist you weren't impressed and that if are disappointed withe the photos let them know as well. If they are a professional company that took the photos put in a complaint to them as well. We have had some great photo's thru the shopping centre display things. Bit expensive but you get a free photo. Try pixie as well.. they are with Target. You get a large photo thru them.

DD 15mth old Munchkin Qld

Hi mimmy I got my professional photos taken at pixie's photos and they were excellent and I was so happy with them and plus you get a big photo done with it.

I hope the photos didnt cost to much when you got them done.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Mimmy,

I've had two sessions with Pixifoto, and I think it depends a lot on which photographer you get. The first time, Nina was 2 months old and the photographer was excellent, she took her time, made Nina smile heaps, and the big free pic we got was fantastic, plus we bought a couple extra, they were so good.

Then we went back at 5 months for another session, and the photographer was obviously not as experienced, and she took half the pics when Nina was wriggling, and none of them ended up centred properly! The big free one was alright, but only after I cropped it at home and put it in a smaller frame!

It's disappointing when you get your hopes up for beautiful photos and it doesn't happen - in my opinion we need to say something when we're not happy, as these people shouldn't be photographing babies if they can't do it properly! And yeah - you do get what you pay for - but with most of these freebies they take extras that they try to sell to you, so they should still take the time to do a professional job. Good luck!

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