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no tummy time babies Lock Rss

my baby is 8.5months and has always hated tummy time. so i do not make her. she just sooks, and windges until i sit her up.

but she hasnt rolled for months (since i used to give her tt at around 4months) she cant crawl. she can sit, but that is it.

i dont know wether i should force her, i have tried a rolled up towel under her arms and she hates that too. i lay with her, i put toys infront of her. she hates it. im afraid she will never crawl. and be a late walker. and its my fault

even if you can get her to do 1 min a couple of times a day is better than nothing. My DS hates it on his tummy but i usually give him 3x 1 min sessions every day.

my baby is a couple weeks younger but is at the same stage as yours and he has always loved and had lots of tummytime so I dont see how its your fault,all babies do things in their own time.In saying that maybe put her on your tummy for a bit each day or lie down with her and give her her fave toy or put her on her tummy outside or somewhere new maybe.
my son couldnt do tummy time due to reflux but once his head control was ok I put him in a bumby seat and sometimes a playcentre thing that stood him up. that helped alot with his sitting.
Have you had her check out by CHN or GP just to make sure there is nothing else going on? Like PP said they do things in their own time but i would just get it checked to be on the safe side.
Also have you considered a baby gym or something like gymbaroo. I know there are some out there that are run by physios/ ocupational therapists. they may help you with exercises and things to get her moving without distressing her too much.
All the best
Firstly... it's not your fault! Sounds like your little girl is doing great.

My DS & DD both didn't like tummy time, and I didn't do it a lot with them. They both developed their only little style to get around. Quite amusing at times!

Keep in mind that some babies don't crawl at all. My cousins girl didn't crawl.. she went from sitting up, to bum shuffle, to walking.

I'm sure she'll be up & around before you know it!
Mine's almost 6 months and she's always hated tummy time as well. What I did was put her down on her belly till she cried then put her on her back and played with her. She could only stand being on her tummy for about 30 seconds at the start, now she can go almost 5 minutes. I thought she would never like it either and I felt bad for forcing her, but she's getting the hang of rolling and bringing her knees up, etc, now. So just persist and it'll get easier!
[Edited on 14/02/2010]
Have you layed down on your back and then put her on your tummy - tummy to tummy. This may get her used to being on her tummy. She's close to mummy so it' might keep her calm. I do this with my little girl, we have naps this way sometimes. She also gets some tummy time and is lifting her head and getting more control, even when she's crying to get off! We also do tummy time on a play mat.

my daughter use to hate beenin on her tummy as well she would always cry so i use to just lay her on her back and put her toys around her and she would start to roll on her side cause she would wont to get to her toy then after a few weeks of this she was rollin over on her tummy gettin her toys then there was no stoppin her
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