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Bored 4mnth bub Lock Rss

Can anyone suggest any games or ideas on how to entertain a 4mnth old. The weather here has been terrible recently and without being able to take some long walks, some days i feel like pulling my hair out as it seems nothing i do entertains bub for longer than a few minutes. I try all the games and activities i know but sometimes i feel like my bub is totally bored with me and that i'm not entertaining her at all, very frustrating!


i think it is just that age, in the middle of not fully being able to hold there toys and play by themself and can't sit up, trey was like that but as soon as he could sit there he is happy sitting and playing by himself, it is great, you could even try proping her up.
i hope that helps anyways
it is such a hard stage when they cannot crawl yet

i pop bubs on my tummy and she lifts herself up and smile at me,i also do this infront of our bedroom mirror!!!

do you have a jolly jumper,these are also great


Lillie....1 year old!!!

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